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Saturday, November 08, 2008

All Fall Down [UPDATED - new pic]

Autumn vistaClimate change seems to have pushed Planet Georgia’s peak color season from late October into early November. I posted some shots around Amicalola Falls exactly three years ago today, but I took these pictures a couple days ago and (much) closer to home — during my Thursday afternoon walk.

Looking north across a pasture, you can see color on the foothills… of course, the mountains themselves are hazed out.

Fall colors on a dirt roadThis is really the best time of year to be outside on Planet Georgia. The temps are pleasant, there’s still some light in the afternoon, and it’s just pretty when the sun filters through the trees. If you’re doing anything strenuous, there’s usually a breeze to cool you off.

The only downside is that the days continue to get shorter, and we’ll have the stark greyness of winter.

UPDATE: Because there’s more than one day to fall…

Green and yellow treesEven closer to home — just off the corner of the house, in fact — we have a couple really tall trees that were giving us 2/3 of a stop light. There’s a Japanese maple nearby that was deep red last week, but the wind cleared most of the leaves off. But who wants to stop?


  1. Hey FAR,
    That's some nice color you captured there! It's been so cloudy and gray here of late (not to mention cold) that I've not seen much of ours around here. And now it's all starting to fall and blow away ... our yard is beginning to fill up with all those dang gingko leaves from our neighbor across the street! Not to mention the now decapitated maple!

    Such is fall, and winter's definitely on its way ... we had snow (no accumulation) yesterday and today, so it's upon us now. Enjoy the southern fall ... I remember when I lived in FL I really liked Nov/Dec because the temps went down and the humidity abated enough that you wanted to be outside! Not enough of a reason to want to go back there though! I'll take the IA winters any day, as much as they drag on!

  2. beautiful colours, wonderful...

    Thanks for your comment on my piece about th cat in the garden. I'd be delighted if you want to share it with some of your friends...

  3. Great post, FAR. Had no idea the landscape was so pretty there :)

    Here in New England we have maybe a couple weeks per year when the weather is close to perfect, and the rest of the time it's either too hot or too cold. Who wrote the spec for this planetary-surface environment anyway?

  4. Hey FAR!
    Nice pics of Planet Georgia Autumn. I managed to get some nice ones of my area too rather than trying to range too far away from home.

    The climate change is playing havoc up here too. I had a photo shoot yesterday, temps were in the 50's and I actually saw yellow jackets still buzzing around. Several other bugs that you would not see now are still out and about.

    Daylight is in short supply now and the land is going gray. I have seen a lot of squirrels, alive and as road kill, so makes me wonder if winter is going to make a long stay here in New England. Oh well, at least I have managed to get my yard ready for next years real full planting. I managed to get my compost bin going too!! Just need to get shovel full of cow patties to add to get that sweet honey smell!! LOL!!

    I'm off for another cup of wonderful caffeine!

  5. Howdy everyone!

    IVG, there were a lot of leaves on the road(s) here yesterday too. You get that maple cut up yet?

    Thanks, Crafty. I know a lot of people think of Scotland as this cold windy place, but it's kind of like that here too. I'm constantly surprised that your fall & winter are so similar to ours.

    Nudge, I think it's like that in Michigan too, but people just like to get outside anyway. Hot days, go to the lake; snowy days, go snowmobiling; in between, play football or baseball or something. Whoever wrote the spec probably lives in Hawai'i; it's pretty much the same all year round there.

    Mrs. M, those were pretty good shots! Yellow jackets in November are a common sight here, especially around trash cans — they're foraging flat-out, and are even crankier than usual. I should add a shovel of cow flop into my composter too, just to warm things up a bit.

    Everyone… go to Mrs. M's place and see her pix too. Well worth it.

  6. Hiya FAR.

    Those are some beautiful colors. We're getting some color change down here, but obviously it isn't anything compared to people North of us.

    Reading Nudge and Mrs M's comments reminded me of when I lived in New England. I used to love the color change. BTW you're right. Mrs M you have some very nice pictures.

    IVG remember to send any extra snow down here you might have. :)

    Hope everyone had a good w/e, and a good week to come.

  7. Hi FM. I was noticing this afternoon, as we were unloading another truckload of firewood, that the maple behind one of the cypress trees was bright yellow. Mrs. Fetched said the little Japanese Maple was beautiful, flame-red, before the wind blew most of the leaves off. Even the kudzu leaves have an interesting hue this year.

  8. Hi Far. Those are really nice photos. I'm envious. Just about all of our leaves are down. It's been fairly warm the last couple of days though. Winter is coming though and we're supposed to get some colder temperatures. Global warming hasn't had much impact here. Yet.

  9. There's some frost here this morning, Boran. Mrs. Fetched just said I'll have to scrape the windshield.

    Our leaves are coming down rapidly. Still some nice color though.


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