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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Charge It!

After church this morning, I got accosted by one of Mrs. Fetched’s cousins. “I hear you’re supported Obama,” he growled. “What of it?” I shot back. “Blah blah smear, blah blah talking points, blah blah I don’t see how you can support Democrats and be a Christian.” At least he didn’t trot out the “he’s a Muslim” bull$#!+.

“I don’t see how a Christian can support the party of the Pharisees and money changers,” I said, with more than a little heat. I’m not good at confrontation, and the in-laws are Olympic Squbbling Team gold medalists. “Remember who Jesus threw out of the temple.” He sputtered and tried to turn it around, and I just walked away. I wish I would have just laughed in his face when he started. I let Mrs. Fetched know about it; she said, “he’s so much like his dad” (who was a old white rural Georgia boy, need I say more). I have an idea who put his wind up about me, but with no proof I don’t need to name names in public (or even blog-ic). Look, if you really believe that the other guy is the better choice for rational reasons (i.e. no fear & smear), whether for the country or even your own wallet, I don’t have a problem with that. But if you want to question my patriotism (or my Christianity) for my choice, we have nothing to say to each other.

Another fun-filled afternoon at the manor. But instead of chickens, I had some wood to split (which was therapeutic) and load up. Two huge trees went down in her dad’s pasture, and we’re getting firewood. We didn’t even have to cut the first couple loads… her dad and a guy living in one of the rentals (the one who just got carted off to the Cinder Block Resort) left it there for us to just pick up. Mrs. Fetched came down to help load up after I finished splitting; we looked at what hasn’t been cut yet and I said, “this could last us all winter if we can get it cut up.” She nodded.

Since we’d had a big breakfast late, we didn’t get around to lunch until 3:30 or so. We finished up at 4, and we had Charge Conference at church at 5. In a Methodist church, Charge Conference is when the congregation officially approves the next year’s budget, appoints new officers (or re-elects the old ones, dangit)… and of course, it’s an excuse to go downstairs and eat. Being the lay leader, I get to deliver a “lesson” (mini-sermon). I quoted John the Baptist telling people to share their extra coats and food with people who didn’t have any, and — given the economic situation — challenged everyone to “share their stuff” with people who didn’t have it. To my surprise, everyone applauded… first time that ever happened. Probably because I kept it much shorter than my typical blog post.


  1. Farf, I'm a conservative in some areas, liberal in others and independent in political affiliation. So there are few that I totally agree with. But being respectful of the opinions of others is important. Reading your blog gives me a different dimension of Farf Manor. Dreaming of wild abandon celebration is good. Helps balance the frustrations from others.
    Humor--it does a body good.

  2. Hi Lisa, I'm the same way in some regards… nobody out there I completely agree with. Around here, there aren't too many people I agree with in part, even. :-P

  3. Hiya FAR.

    I'm glad to hear you got so much applause. Who knows, you might have a career in public speaking.

    I decided I'm a lot like you, where as nobody out there I completely agree with, and the "in part" thing hits the bulls eye. :)

  4. FM, I once told my boss, "if you need me for presentations, I can do it: if I can stand up in front of three or four dozen people and talk about God, I can stand in front of a dozen and talk about cable modems." He hasn't taken me up on it yet.

    Hey, did you get to vote yet?

  5. Hey FAR,
    Know what you mean about those kinds of folks ... Fernymoss took his mom to physical therapy yesterday (she just had knee surgery) and she was telling him that his dad really liked and admired Palin(!) He's one of those deluded reflexive Repugs who thinks all Dems are evil (can't wait for him to see our yard sign, and I'm not taking it down until the inauguration!) so he was a lost cause.

    I merely mentioned when we all went out to dinner a while back, "Oh that's where the Obama office is" (as we drove by) and he totally went off on me ...

    His mom, however, was a secret Obama voter we suspect, but she's not telling ... anyway, Fernymoss' conclusion about his dad was "Now I know he's certifiably crazy!" Pity. Such a great guy in many ways, but we can't broach politics.

    At least our state made us proud (we weren't really worried this time) and trounced Cranky McPantload!


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