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Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Special Edition

The not-so-far future: The New York Times, Special Edition (July 4, 2009).

Be sure to read the My Times link to hear the publishers 'splain themselves.


  1. This was a pretty big deal here in NY. If only it was true.

  2. Yeah Boran, I'd like to see it happen too. But I guess the publishers are right; it will take us all demanding what we voted for.

  3. Pretty wild...Did you guys make any comments? Sure like the idea of the maxium wage law....not to sound like a commie or anything! ha! ha!

  4. I didn't make any comments, Yooper, but I like the maximum wage idea too.

    But remember, you're only a commie if you shared your toys in kindergarten! :-)


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