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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Sour Note to End a Sweet Day

DoubleRed is, or perhaps was, all doom and gloom after the networks called the election. We got to talking, and I don’t know if she realizes how close many of her issues are to the liberal side: progressive income tax, universal health care (“but not like they have in Europe”), and energy… she realizes what a drag Bush-league has been, but doesn’t quite make the connection that electing more Republicans won’t fix the problems that Republicans caused in the first place.

So as we’re beginning to discuss the issues around peak oil and alternate energy, the phone rang. At 1:19 a.m. And I was all, “who the hell is calling at this time of night?” Turned out to be the father-in-law.

“You know what’s going down at the trailer?” (i.e. where dwell The Boy and Snippet, and P.O.D. and his girlfriend, and a couple other people)


“Well, there was some kind of argument, and Snippet kicked P.O.D.’s girlfriend in the stomach, and she’s in the hospital.”

Aw… crap.

“Maybe you can go down there and see what’s going on,” he continued.

So I went down… to find the driveway pretty well filled with two cop cars. Great. One cop was interviewing Snippet on the porch; the other was inside with The Boy. The cop on the porch (whom I wouldn’t find her frisking me) said they’d probably be there another half an hour. I decided to scoot & see what’s what after some shut-eye.

And I need to get some sleep.


  1. Oh boy! Sounds like you have an interesting day or two ahead of you. I hope P.O.D's girlfriend is okay. I say a prayer for all of ya.

    Kristi J

  2. Hi Kristi…

    I think she's OK. Got the wind knocked out of her, people panicked, the fuzz told me to bring The Boy home & let him cool off (he was near incoherent with rage, although he managed to maintain until he got in the car).

    The good part is that Snippet might be gone for good, and not taking The Boy with her. In that scenario, everybody wins.

  3. I've been hearing from some of the "Reds" that Obama will turn the USA into socailist country, and how Obama has ties to terrorists. I laugh and cry at the same time, lots of ignorance out there. What I like to tell the Reds is that Bush is freind's with Bin Laden's family and a bunch of other Saudi's. And how it was Saudi's who caused 9/11 and not the Iraqi's, so who's the terrorist here?

    Why do you guys keep putting up with those stupid kids?

  4. Well if she's a bad influence on him I hope she is gone. Maybe he will take a little break from the girls and get his crap straight and together before moving on.

  5. Hey Far! I've the perfect solution! Since Solar's wondering why you keep putting up with the kids, help him out a bit... Send them over to his place!! ha!ha!

    My heart goes out to ya guy! A guy like you who has so much fun, had better have check-ups often.....

  6. Hiya FAR.

    No boredom around your house is there? :)

    I agree with Yopper - check-ups often.

  7. It's never dull at Far Manor. I hope that she is okay. Keep us posted.

  8. Wow, hey everyone!

    Solar, he's not at the house anymore. And if it had been his choice, we probably wouldn't have been called. Good point about the Reds, although even many of them are soured on Bush-league now.

    Wooly, I'm afraid he'll just go with her, but there's only so much you can do.

    Yooper, I've suggested that in the past. Solar was kind enough to say NO!!!!

    FM, it's quiet tonight at least, and I get to work at home tomorrow.

    Boran, she's fine. I think she overreacted.

  9. Sheesh, FAR...
    Can't you just somehow strap Snippet to a rocket and fire her off to Oklahoma or somewhere where they can appreciate that kind of um, well, I'll be circumspect and let you fill in the blank.

    Too bad they had to spoil your great night of results, but I had a work related thing that is biting me big time in the butt, because someone wanted me to do something via email at 11:30 pm and I didn't see it until the morning. So now I'm in hot water ... just fire me I say, I hate my job anyway, lol. Jeez, the most historic election I can remember and I was supposed to drop everything at that hour and work?

    Oh well... sorry to hear the drama never stops at the Manor.

    I was hoping Chambliss would get booted, but at least you guys have another chance at the runoff! Al Franken may just maybe pull it off up in MN yet ... down to only about 227 votes difference last I saw!

  10. IVG, did they *really* expect you to checking your email at 11:30 pm?? Feh. If it was that urgent, it deserved a phone call.

    I'd love to launch Snippet on a one-way trip to Elsewhere, but it's really up to The Boy to scrape her out of his life.


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