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Friday, December 07, 2012

Christmas Guardians (#FridayFlash)

The sound of an unfamiliar vehicle brought the guardians alert. Only their eyes moved as they watched. Carolers, perhaps, one said.

Not through the day, said another. The doorbell rang. First Guardian stretched her wings. Third Guardian’s wings glowed, first blue, the red, then an angry pulsing red as they heard thumping and snapping noises behind the curtains. The alarm sounded, and the guardians readied themselves for battle.

“Go! Go! Go!” One of the three masked men shouted. “Check the bedrooms, we’ll get the tree!”

“What—aaagh!” First Guardian fired her laser cannon. “My arm!” the burglar screamed. “My arm’s gone!” He fainted.

Second Guardian swung her Sword of Light, decapitating the second burglar. The last burglar pulled a gun and fired, but First Guardian’s astershield flashed, and the bullet dissolved into blue sparkles. The burglar took a direct hit from the laser cannon, and was completely vaporized.

Once again, all was calm, but there was yet work to do. The laser cannon reduced the last of them to ash. Third Guardian flew down and flapped her wings, wafting the ashes into the fireplace. Their work was done, and just in time. The howl of sirens told them help was on the way.

“Looks like the alarm scared them off,” the officer told the guardians’ charges. “They weren’t too bright in any case, they took off and left their van. The keys aren’t in it, so we’ll have it towed to the impound.”

“That’s good,” the lady told them. “I’m just glad they didn’t take our children’s gifts.”

On the mantle, the guardians glowed.


  1. Those fiber optic swords are DANGEROUS!

  2. Good on those guardians! Is there a sale on them anywhere this season?

  3. Those Guardians mean business! They sound like just the ones to take on those creepy Elf on the Shelf things. ;)

  4. I was waiting for the burglars to be revealed as carol singers or something like that. I think I felt maybe a little sorry for the burglars in the end. I mean I know it's wrong but seems a bit harsh.

    Enjoyed the story though!

  5. what are these people like with trick or Treaters I wonder? ;-)

    marc nash

  6. Had I a mantle, I'd invite Guardians in a heartbeat. Impossible to feel unsafe with them around. Clever story. I wonder if they ever ask questions first, vaporize later.

    Take care,

  7. They sound like handy things to have around! if they want to come a live on my mantle they're very welcome!

  8. Tony, in the hands of a pissed-off angel, just about anything is dangerous!

    John, I'll ask the wife. She bought them.

    Sonya, that gives me an idea for next week… :-D

    Peter, carolers wouldn't have come through the window.

    Marc, given how Christmas continues to encroach on Hallowe'en, we may find out one day!

    JC, I'm pretty sure they stand down for invited guests.

    Helen, I think if the owners knew what they did, they'd stay on the mantle year-round!

  9. Your version of angels really kick ass! And they're well-armed too -- laser cannons!

  10. I would love a dozen of those guardians. I don't think they needed much help at all ;)


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