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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday Musings

Click here for more graphics and gifs!We’re definitely in the Countdown to Christmas. A week and a day before the wrapping paper flies. Mason is old enough, this year, to understand the whole presents and Santa Claus thing. Of course, he had to get sick… and he’s always uggggly when he’s sick. We’ve heard, “Am I on the naughty list?” a few times. He just wants cars, and I mean the Hot Wheels kind. We could get him ten of those, wrap each one, and he’ll think he hit the Presents Jackpot come the 25th. It reminds me of Daughter Dearest—we could get her twenty bucks worth of puzzles, back in the day, and she was happy as any kid on the Big Day.

It’s been too long since icicle lights were the Big Thing for decorating. They’ve finally come up with a new “must have” light set: the waterfall/cascading kind. Well, Mason does love the extravaganza of lights outside, and we’ve made a few adjustments with wiring so we don’t blow those tiny fuses in the first string of lights this year. Pictures will be taken once the last set of lights are hung.

The clever and talented Angela Kulig is almost done with my cover art. It’s going to be glorious. I just hope it’s all ready by Wednesday, so I can wibble about it.

This evening, a couple hours after we put Mason to bed, he came up the hall saying, “there’s a problem, there’s a problem.” After a little cuddle, he let us know that his projection nightlight had cycled off and he wanted it back on. With the moon and stars once again glowing on the ceiling, he went right back to sleep.


  1. Ah yes the days of the all hotwheel birthday/christmas. My little one used to know the names of some of the most obscure construction vehicles in both English and Spanish.

    We still have to get around to see all the Christamas Lights this year.

  2. I like his polite announcement of the lighting malfunction. That's very cute, much better than a screaming fit. And your plan to purchase a dozen Hot Wheels is inspired!

  3. Hi Russell! I need to get a picture sometime—he has around 50 cars, and he'll line them up bumper to bumper like it's an Atlanta traffic jam. BTW, I saw your White Pickups review, much appreciated!

    John, it was kind of surprising. He was less than half-awake at the time, so that might have helped.


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