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Monday, December 10, 2012


Vacations always have a sunset clause
The problem with escaping FAR Manor is that I can’t stay escaped. And the recapture always happens a day or two sooner than it should. OK, I shouldn’t really complain. Much. For one thing, the weather was near-perfect for vacation. They need some rain in Florida, but we got lots of beach and outdoor time. Mason wasn’t the only one who had a wonderful time. The only thing I didn’t get to do was meet up with some of my Twitter friends.

I got to take care of some of Mom’s computer issues, and that turned out to be fun. Dozeboxes and their software is always more than a little weird, and Vista flat refused to load the drivers for Mom’s HP all-in-one off the CD. It claimed it needed to run from an admin account, and that’s what we were doing. So I downloaded the drivers and ran it from there, and it worked.

That's me on the left
With all that working, we started scanning pictures. Mom had me get a miniature cedar chest off a high shelf, and she weeded out a few shots that nobody really wanted. The scanning software let us run several pictures at a time, and we made quick work of it.

One of the pictures was this one, complete with someone’s pencil marks. That’s me (on the left) and Other Brother. There was no date, but I figure it was early 1961 when I was in my Terrible Twos. I was an adorable little rug rat, huh? Now you know where Mason gets it from. :-D


  1. This is the obligatory, "You were a cute kid Lar--what happened?" comment ;)

  2. Mason looks a *lot* like you.

    Which HP all-in-one does your mum have? I recently inherited one from my mum because she upgraded her Windows and the drivers are a) discontinued and b) won't work with the new OS.

  3. Angela, you are the instrument of karma here: I said the exact same thing regarding Mom's itty-bitty school picture!

    Katherine, I think it's a 4510. She also has a 6100-series, but it's still in the box. (Or is it the other way around?)

  4. Couldn't you escape it if you moved?

  5. Good point, John. In fact, the wife said, "We should sell the farm and move here. We can go bankrupt here just as easily." Works for me.

  6. Cute picture! Sounds like you had a nice time away. ^_^


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