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Saturday, December 29, 2012


Living in the free-range insane asylum all these years has rubbed off on me, it seems. Why else would I plan to release two stories in one month? The stories are related, and give rise to the blog tour name: One World, Two Ages. The tour will run January 14–29, with the stories released at either end. Slots are open, so if you want a guest post or to do an interview, put dibs on those dates now!

Oh, the covers? Yes, let’s talk covers. And the stories that go with them.

Accidental Sorcerers
(Fantasy novella, YA)
Release: January 15

I’ve blogged roughly half of this story, and it’s been one of the more popular #TuesdaySerial stories I’ve had to date. In this latter age of Termag, sorcery is on the wane, making way for inventions of the folk. The Stolevan Matriarchy is the primary power, at least through the western half of the continent, and the seat of the Conclave of Sorcerers. A winter raid by rival Westmarch sets events into motion…

Invaders just across the river. A powerful spell hidden in a child’s rhyme. When an untrained boy awakens an ice dragon to protect his village, and lives to tell the tale, not even the Conclave of Sorcerers can predict what happens next.

Accidental Sorcerers brings to life an unforgettable tale of love and loyalty in the world of Termag. Feel the magic!

A sorcerer’s life is supposed to be fairly sedate in this age, but the apprentices Mik and Sura find their lives anything but sedate. But love and loyalty is some of the strongest magic of all, so I wouldn’t bet against them. I’ll be coming back to these kids, since I already have the second story (Water and Chaos) drafted out and ideas for at least four others.

The Crossover
(Fantasy novella)
Release: January 29

This story had the working title Chasing a Rainbow, but there’s already a few hundred books out there with that title. Angela Kulig (the marketing wiz for Green Envy Press) and I both have many forehead-shaped dents in our desks, first from coming up with a replacement title, then from fixing up a cover.

This story takes place about eight hundred years before Accidental Sorcerers, at the end of what Mik and Sura (and their contemporaries) call the Age of Heroes. The city-state Ak’koyr, on the northwestern shore of the Gulf of Camac, has been the center of western civilization (they would say all civilization) through much of the age. Mounting a punitive expedition against Eastern marauders, Ak’koyr’s Avenger Fleet impresses a handful of unwilling adventurers as common labor. One of them, LodrĂ¡n by name, runs into Chelinn, an old friend with a colorful history. Then things get strange…

The warrior-mage Chelinn and his friend LodrĂ¡n have visited many strange places. But when a curse goes awry, sending them to a world where mundane devices have supplanted magic, nothing is familiar at first. Then, after rescuing a merchant, they find themselves embroiled in a far more dangerous situation.

As hundreds of lives hang in the balance, two heroes and their new friends must use all their talents to foil an evil plot—and survive until they can catch a rainbow and return home.

The Crossover transports classic fantasy characters into a modern-day setting. Neither Earth nor Termag will ever be the same!

The nature of this story makes it easier to draw contrasts between Earth and Termag. The magic that allows one to crossover to another world, also allows that traveler to speak the local language. Gotta love magic, huh?

Now it’s your turn…

What do you want to know about Termag, these stories, or the characters? We’re all ready to assign slots on the blog tour, and take those interview questions.

If you’re a book reviewer, and want an ARC of either (or both) titles, hit the “Contact Me” link at the top of the page.


  1. What's the story behind these covers, Larry? Did you do them yourself, hire an artist, or get help from your author co-op? They're striking, and I particularly like the black coming off the rainbow in the latter one.

  2. Hi John! The covers were done through the co-op. Angela Kulig asked me for a primary element and title/subtitle, and then started hunting for artwork that worked.

    The cover for The Crossover went through several different photos, and an attempt at some abstract computer generated art, before we settled on the final one. That process involved a lot of head-desk'ing, and is probably worth a blog post in itself. I like it, it gives me a kind of '70s vibe.

  3. Hay Larry, those are really cool covers! Congratulations! BTW, do you still want me to work on the painting for you? Still happy to do it.

  4. FYI:

    The "blue fire dragon" is copyrighted by dvargfoto. But, I'm sure you purchased the right license, expecially if you plan on using the image in a commercial context.

  5. Thanks, Boran! I don't need the painting now, but if you still want to work on it, I'm not going to tell you no.

    Hi anon! Yup, we licensed it. We might run into an issue if we move 500,000 copies of Accidental Sorcerers, but I'll be glad to have that issue to deal with. ;-)

  6. These covers are terrific! Congratulations on the double reveal!

  7. Wow, the Accidental Sorcerors cover is beautiful!

  8. Nice Covers! i really like the Accidental Sorcerers one. ^_^

  9. Thanks, Tony!

    Icy, I agree. The Crossover cover is pretty cool, but it's almost like the cute high school girl standing next to the supermodel. ;-)

    Hi Helen! I like them both, really.


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