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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Better Days

This was one of the better days around FAR Manor. We got up around 8 and ate breakfast at iHOP, for starters. (The “Just for Me” section of the menu has selections for people who want to eat at iHOP and still give a rip about their weight. I like the Garden Scramble.) We — that is, Mrs. Fetched, Daughter Dearest, and I — talked through the situation and cleared the air quite a bit, which is a major relief.

After breakfast, we went to church. Since the girlies haven’t been for quite a while, everyone was happy to see them. There was a “last Sunday” lunch downstairs, but we were all still full from iHOP and skipped. After an afternoon nap (glorious!), I put the leftover tomatoes on the dehydrator (these were the ones that needed some extra ripening time), and I figured out a quicker way to blanch them. After supper, I finally got the beer started. It will be like October before I open the first one, but that’s about the time I’ll be tackling some outdoor projects & it will be nice to wrap up with a homebrew.

I washed up two sinks full of dishes, and am wrapping up my day on-line. More weekends should be like this.


  1. Hi FAR.

    Glad you had a good w/e. Beer ready by October huh? Sounds like you should have your own Octoberfest.

  2. Are you going to be using some bizarre spices again or are you going the more traditional route. Dad brought some of your beer down with him last year, and though I thought it was very good, it still was a little to "left field" for my taste.


  3. Hey guys.

    FM, Octoberfest sounds like a good idea. Wanna come join me?

    Solar-bro, rosemary isn't a bizarre spice! Now pepper would have been bizarre. I thought it did a great job of taking the edge off, too. But I'm not using rosemary this time, just a little sage. ;-) Maybe I'll throw some mint in a winter brew....

  4. Hey FAR.

    I would love to join you for an Octoberfest. My friend up in MI throws an annual Blocktoberfest. We were stationed in Germany together and he got into the whole thing. He keeps wanting me to come up for it, but I keep telling him, it's hard for me to just get out of town.

  5. I think the only way we'll get to meet FM is if we all go on down there to his place ... lol

  6. Heh, Olivia, you might be right. Traveling, after all, isn't slackerly.


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