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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Under the…

We were laying in bed this morning, knowing it was past time to get moving but neither one of us really wanted to be first, when came the sound of gravel crunching in the driveway. “Bye, Daughter Dearest,” I said.

“She left a long time ago,” Mrs. Fetched said. That got us both moving. It was 8 a.m., so there was a certain “WTF is going on now?” in the air. She threw a dress on over herself, while I hunted for a pair of shorts. Finally, with the shorts taken care of, I looked out the window.

A cop car.

Thinking, “WTF has The Boy done NOW!?” I grabbed yesterday’s shirt off the floor and put it on as I headed to the front door. I arrived just as the cop finished handing Mrs. Fetched a subpoena.

We scanned the names, and didn’t recognize a single one. Nothing to do with The Boy, at least directly. Nothing to do with anything, as far as we could tell. There was a number on the sheet, which I’m sure Mrs. Fetched has called by now to see what she has to do with this matter. But at least it wasn’t The Boy in jail, or worse.

[Subpoena: from the Latin, sub poena, literally “under the penis,” or “by the balls.”]

UPDATE from the comments: It turns out that the case has to do with some of The Boy's old acquaintances, a couple and a kid who were working together in thievery. They may have been the ones who (officially) stole the generator from the party house after The Boy took it over there… but I suspect the whole group was in on it and used the proceeds to buy drugs and/or booze. I don’t expect we’ll get the generator back, but stranger things have happened.


  1. Oh, FAR -- I wonder what it's about? I'm so glad it doesn't have anything to do with The Boy...

    But, still -- NOT a good way to wake up.

    (When will this week end?)

  2. You sure know how to create suspense! Good luck with whatever it is.

  3. Hmm, very strange to receive a subpoena and have no idea what it's about or recognize any of the people involved. I guess you're in for a surprise!

  4. Hey everyone. Turns out the case has to do with some of The Boy's old acquaintances, a couple and a kid who were working together in thievery. He came around yesterday & filled in Mrs. Fetched on the details. I'm holding out a slim hope that we might get our generator back. Naturally, the court date falls in our vacation week… fortunately, we'll only be an hour away.

    Thanks, Nancy… again, coming from you that's seriously high praise. When I think about it, I wrote it that way partly to depict my own sense of suspense at the moment, and partly to make it a little more interesting. "A cop came by and handed Mrs. Fetched a subpoena this morning before I left for work" is what happened, but I write to-the-point stuff all day at work. I want to unwind on my own time. :-)

  5. Hey, FAR -- you did a great job. I read it aloud to mister and he was dumbfounded. I've told him before that your experiences with The Boy are so close to ours with Our Boy. but, I'm not sure he believed me until that moment when you looked out the window.

    So, you're involved as victims? It would be great if you did get the generator back. Something tells me those will be important in the near-ish future.

  6. Hiya FAR.

    It appears things just never stop at your place. I've got a relative that even in his 50's he reminds me of The Boy, and I was thinking it wouldn't surprise me one day if a cop car pulled into our driveway. Hope you get your generator back and good luck on the outcome.

  7. Phew! Read this this morning and wondered what was going to happen too ... and thought about it on and off today ... LOL

    katieb --- one more day, one more day, just have to make through one more day ... :)

  8. {{Olivia}} Thank you. Today was better. I actually finished something. AND my boss liked it!

    FAR, I'm so relieved. I've thought about it off and on and I'm just relieved.

  9. Hey folks!

    FM, it's kind of like a soap opera. Just when you think a character has been written out of the script, up he (or she) pops again....

    KB, good to hear your week is getting better -- mine is starting to improve. Of course, it will soon be the weekend... normal people will be taking a break, and I'll probably be doing something in the chicken houses. (And I was relieved when it was just a subpoena, too.)

    Olivia, thanks for the concern... sometimes I think it's like one of those Coast Guard boats that can roll almost 90 degrees in rough seats & right itself. One hell of a ride, but we'll live to tell about it. :-)


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