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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Yard sale day

yard sale viewSpace at community yard sale: $10

Amount sold: $22

Sitting in a canopy chair all morning instead of going to the chicken houses: PRICELESS!

The downside, of course, was getting up way too early for a Saturday. Like 7 a.m. I’m going to take a brief nap, and then I’ll be back.

UPDATE: I thought I wanted a nap more than I really did.

It’s pretty hot today, the hottest it’s been this year (at least where I’ve had to be outside). An ambulance pulled up at one point, and I thought maybe someone was overcome, but they were just there to help load a couch to take it to the fire station. But I offered my seat to people who looked like they might need it — the only taker was a lady who wanted to try on some of the shoes I had for sale. She’s two years younger than my dad, and we’ll just say she was much less limber. I told her that dad does stretches religiously every day, and it helps him a lot. Maybe it’s not to late for her.

I picked up a few CDs from another seller; Daughter Dearest seems to have been listening to a lot of Billy Joel as of late so I got the two Billy Joel CDs in the box. I picked up another one, “Ultimate House NRG,” figuring to share since we both like dance/techno stuff. Then I had a listen… the first song has lyrics that would send Nancy’s “friend” Mrs. Grimshank into a tizzy. Or a dead faint. Maybe I won’t share that one after all. (But I might memorize the refrain and sing it to Mrs. Fetched.)


  1. Hiya FAR.

    I would think any excuse to get out of the chicken houses would be good, plus with this you made a little money. A very wise man.

    Maybe Nancy should get a copy of that song and send it to Mrs. Grimshank. I would love to see the look on her face. I think that would be priceless too. :)

  2. Heh, yeah, post video for sure! The song in question(able taste) is "Boom Boom Boom" by Outhere Bros. The first line of the refrain is, "Girl your booty is so round," and it goes downhill from there…

  3. I love shopping at garage sales but hate the selling side. It's all those individuals seeking to pay 25 cents for an item marked at $5.00.

  4. Yeah, B2, you get a few of those. We were dumping some old paperbacks for 25 cents, a price that nobody felt was over the top. In fact, one lady bought a stack and said, "the guy over there is trying to get 75 cents for his paperbacks! Yeah right!"

    Just came back from your place, leaving congrats for B2boy and a horrible pun behind.

  5. Mrs. Grimshank has such powerful hidden influences on all our lives, lol!

    Is a garage sale EVER worth the time and effort and sunburn? I guess there are people who make hundreds of bucks on them, but. . .

  6. Nancy, not being in the chicken houses definitely made it worth it!

    Thanks to the canopy chair I brought along, I got through the morning without getting cooked. Except for my feet: I wore sandals, and I have tanned toes and a square spot on top of my foot. It really looks strange.


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