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Friday, August 24, 2007

Stuck at the Office

Tree down behind the officeAbout 45 minutes ago, the weather was downright hostile… let alone to a motorcyclist. I figure the wind was gusting past 40mph; the rain was nearly horizontal and a pine tree went down out back of the office. Since the office has a largish set of eaves out back, I stepped out and got a little video of the rain gushing out of the downspouts — quite impressive, I’ll put it on archive.org later.

The rain has let up quite a bit as I type, but hasn’t stopped completely. I’m also hearing thunder, and it’s not the Harley variety. Mrs. Fetched said stay put as long as necessary, and eat on the way home if needed (and I probably will at this point). At least I brought the rain suit.

Well, I guess I’ll work a little more.

UPDATE: I was putting on my rain suit when a co-worker came by, said he goes my way, and offered me a ride if Mrs. Fetched could pick me up at the half-way point. She was amenable, so we did. We went by and picked up the bike and the work computer (in case I want to try to catch up/get ahead this weekend).


  1. What happens if it doesn't stop raining? Are the roads safe when wet?


  2. Hi FAR.

    That always seemed to be a draw back to me on motorcycles - rain.

    We got just a small sprinkle with a lot of thunder and lighting yesterday. We need a week long rain down here.

    Have a good weekend.

  3. I got home OK... updates in the post.

    KB, FM, there's plenty of traction on a wet road. When it keeps raining, I usually just put on a rain suit and go anyway. Doesn't mean I enjoy it so much, but the upside is that it's not nearly as hot. A good thunderstorm will drop the temperature 15-25°F.

    Boran, I didn't work too hard. I try not to during normal hours. :-D

  4. Hey FAR, that looks like a nice view!


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