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Monday, August 27, 2007

Potpourri Monday

Veggie pronIt’s Monday. Work is being crazier than usual (or perhaps it’s the new normal… shudder), with two major projects coming due before I escape FAR Manor in two weeks. You know things are getting squirrely at work when I entertain thoughts of quitting, ditching FAR Manor one way or the other, moving back into the old place, and taking up the chicken-ranching business. So if I’m getting that loopy, veggie-pr0n is the least of my worries.

My beer is fermenting along nicely; the yeast is eating sugar and malt, producing alcohol and farting CO2 out the airlock. The A/C in my car may not have died after all; it didn’t do well sitting in stop&go traffic in 100-degree weather but seems to cope with better traffic and slightly cooler weather. If it holds out three more weeks, I probably won’t miss it after that.

Kudzu flower stalkI managed to get a walk in this evening after supper. Since Mrs. Fetched demurred on accompanying me, I set a fairly aggressive pace. That doesn’t mean I didn’t take time to stop and sniff the flowers, and pick this kudzu stalk (no, it’s not growing through the blinds, although it would probably root if I spit at it once or twice). It was kind of tough to break off the stalk… and no, I’m not concerned about running afoul of wildflower laws. Kudzu is an aggressively invasive exotic on Planet Georgia, and has been known to grow across lightly-travelled roads (I’ve seen it happen).

The Boy called to let us know he has a construction job. I hope he’s telling the truth; having a job he likes might give him the desire for a little structure (and he likes construction work). He was talking about getting a Golf GTI for like $500… at that price, I figure it has a horrible gouge through the VIN plate though.


  1. Morning FAR.

    I know what you mean about Kudzu. I've seen it across roads and entirely covering abandoned houses. My brothers that own the farm were out last month for a whole weekend and the only thing they were doing is cutting back Kudzu.

    The beer seems to be taking shape and hope all goes well with The Boy.

  2. Glad to hear he got a job, hope it l;asts more than month. ;)

    A $500 VW GTI? What's it missing? A engine, transmission, tires? LOL!! Even new VW's aren't very reliable, so I sure hope he knows what he's getting into.

    I've been wanting to try my hand at brewing some beer. I better seeing that I'm the only male left in this family that hasn't. :)


  3. Hey folks. Sorry about the late response, it's been a busy day.

    FM, your brothers could use some slackerly advice. Like borrow a goat. One goat per acre will do for kudzu.

    Solar, he said it needs a new computer module, and his buddies have one at their shop. Of course, there's probably plenty of other stuff w0rng with it (I wouldn't want to run the VIN, for example). But if it actually runs & gets him around for six months or so, I guess he'd be ahead of what he'd be into for car payments. That LeMans I had was a beater & it lasted about twice as long as I expected (3 years vs. 18 months).

  4. kudzu ... hmmmmm ... another one of those Southern entities ... I think today is 'olivia learns about the South' day ... :)

    Your own beer ... oooooh ... ::bows down to FAR:: ;)

  5. Hey Olivia.

    Yeah, kudzu is either The Green Menace or a source of both food and craft material, depending on how one looks at it. If more people would take the latter view, it would die off on its own accord. :-)

    Something interesting at Wikipedia: "Kudzu root compounds can affect neurotransmitters (including serotonin, GABA, and glutamate) and it has shown value in treating migraine and cluster headache [8]." Maybe the solution to FM's migraine problem is as close as the nearest kudzu field…

  6. its sort of ironic that so many agressively invasive plants are so pretty. Glad that there are solutions to getting rid of kudzu round where you are. There aren't the same sort of solutions for our aggressive invasive plants.

    Gladyour beer's going well.


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