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Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Boy at 2 o’clock

Thursday is my work at home day. The day begins with much less stress when the commute is from the kitchen back to the bedroom, where I have a small desk. There is the occasional walk across the driveway to Studio FAR, where I can take photos of whatever I’m documenting; sometimes, I get requests for a different angle and I supply those as well.

So I was at the house when an unfamiliar car pulled up the driveway around 2 p.m. I figured it was one of The Boy’s friends — but much to my surprise, The Boy himself was in the back seat. I’m not really sure why he came by, except that he did pick up his glucose meter and meds… after a mere three weeks without them. He stayed about an hour, long enough to annoy Mrs. Fetched about something or another — but one of the good things about the visit was that J’s mom was here trying to find J, and The Boy knew exactly where he was. The Boy and his friend said they’d have a talk with J, but there’s no telling how that will come out or whether they actually had that talk.

One undercurrent that the women picked up on (I had to go back and work) was that The Boy and his girlfriend might be having a little disagreement. Her mom has said she doesn’t want him hanging around if he isn’t going to get a job (she’s working at a restaurant in town) — he said he’s interviewing with one of the manufacturing places on Monday and expects to get the job. His hair is still way too long for this day & age, but at least it looked clean today (even though he and his two friends — one of whom is female — all reeked of hot weather and lack of bathing). The young woman is one who has been around FAR Manor before (fortunately only for brief visits) but has been acquainted with all of the boarders. Makes me wonder. She’s supposed to be fairly intelligent, and can hold her own in a conversation, but I have to wonder if she hangs with that bunch. It’s difficult to carry on a conversation with her — not that she’s hard to talk to, but I have to keep reminding myself to not stare at her, um, rather prominent kanakas. :-P

Of course, his latest band is on the cusp of success, their first paying gig is coming “soon.” The song remains the same.


  1. Hiya FAR.

    The Boy saga continues. :)

    I'm glad he picked up his glucose meter and meds. Diabetes is just something you don't fool around with.

    So she has prominent kanakas or is it bodacious tatas. :)

    I would hate to think of what would fit into this...

    bodacious tatas

  2. Solar: I think it's really funny that you comment on the Boy's hair being to long (clear throat).

    The next time you talk to that girl just think of dead kittens, dead kittens with big ta ta's, oh no, it's not working! :)

  3. I think it's really funny that you comment on the Boy's hair being to long

    … says the guy with no hair. :-D

    FM, that's… a BIG one. Yeah, either way you bounce it, talking to this young woman is a challenge.

  4. I'm glad The Boy picked up his supplies. And (sigh) I guess I'll leave you guys alone to your boyish interests.

  5. KB, a wise man (yet younger than myself) who calls himself Dreadspoon once said, "We'll notice until we're dead." It just goes with the gender.

    Boran: who? Me or FM?

  6. Oh, I know FAR -- and I'm not offended at all. I just didn't have anything of value to add. But, that didn't mean I wanted to keep quiet!


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