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Thursday, November 29, 2007


FAR Manor lit up for ChristmasDelighted, that is, that I came home from work yesterday to find FAR Manor all decorated (which means I didn’t have to do it)!

Mrs. Fetched says “we” are not quite done with the lighting (she uses “we” in the same sense as Jim Carrey’s Grinch: “when I say ‘we’ I mean you”), but it sounds like only a couple more strands.

And we must give due credit to The Boy, who did much of the roof work.


  1. Pretty lights, handsome boy! Fa-la-la-la-la and all that jazz.

  2. Ohhh pretty, my tradition is to buy one string of lights every X-mas, I'm now up to 4 strings. Might not be as pretty as your but I bet my lights come down faster than yours. :)

    Oh and I got my Blogger account back!!

  3. Hey all!

    Jen, yeah, the local girls seem to find him attractive. He's got that backwoods metal look down.

    Solar-bro, welcome back to the land of the living (so to speak)!!! Looks like you've got your blog started; I'll have to go linky-linky…

  4. I understand that we're not supposed to say ho anymore, so I'll just say ha ha ha!

  5. Pretty! Our next door neighbors on either side are great Xmas decorators and they take over our side, too. The one to the left of us drapes her lights and greenery over our garage. The ones to the right of us drapes their lights up and down our big everygreen tree. None of them ask permission, they just do it. If they did a bad job, we'd object. But it looks festive and pretty. So we do nothing but sit back and admire.

  6. Morning FAR.

    I haven't gotten into decorating since the kids were small. I well remember climbing on the roof.

    I like the way my sister does her house. One light in each window. That's so much more slackerly.

    Enjoy your decorating!

  7. The BOY did it? Wow! Good for him!

    And yes, he is a cutie, Jen.

    They look great! My next-door neighbors decorated our duplex, and it looks so nice. Since my decorations are all in Idaho, at least the outside looks festive.

    We're not supposed to say ho? There goes the only Idaho joke most folks know.

  8. Here's to other people decorating our houses… Nancy? FM? Beth? Cheers!

  9. Toasting with a huge mug of Guinness!

    (hmmmm - where did that come from?)


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