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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

(Basil) Survivor: Winter

Surviving plantI brought three basil plants in for the winter. As you can see, one managed to make it to spring. But it looks like it will live long enough to go back outside when it stays warm.

I’ve got plenty to do and not enough time to do any of it. At least Daughter Dearest’s car (which has been spewing oil) turned out to have the cheap problem: a bad oil sensor gasket.


  1. Howdy FAR! That's really impressive you've kept that basil alive all winter indoors! I've tried and failed)many times in the past to do that myself. These days I don't even try anymore ... if I'm super-motivated I start it in small peat pots in the window end winter and put them out when it's warm enough.

    Years ago, however, I kept an African Blue Basil alive in a pot for 2 years ... unfortunately that one's not really culinary appropriate(tastes a bit like camphor, ack) but an unusual, but pretty ornamental the bees love.

    Kudos, my friend ... now just don't tell me you have a thriving rosemary plant too ... I've come sooo close to keeping them alive during the winter, but they inevitably crap out before they can go back outside. *Sigh*

  2. Hey IVG. The secret, if you want to call it that, involves a sunny window, daily spritzing, and twice-weekly watering. And a one-time trim back for pesto. One of the two pots that died sent up 8 shoots that seemed promising for a while. I started a few in seed trays last week, along with several varieties of tomato & bell pepper.

    Rosemary… winters over here. As does oregano. Parsley loves cold weather, so it actually does better October through April here.

  3. Nice job, Far. One out of 3 is still pretty good. I've got a coleus growing in our greenhouse window that was from a stem that I took inside late last fall. I'm not sure if I will send it back outside.


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