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Friday, March 28, 2008

FAR Future, Episode 27: Here We Go Again!

Short one this time. I'll make up for it with a two-fer next week…

Sunday, August 11, 2013
Here We Go Again!

Remember these guys? They’re at it again.

I guess printing up flyers was too much effort (or expense) this time though; they’re spamming every email they can find on Planet Georgia. (Misspellings left intact, as always!)

Thank you to ALL those who BRAVED THE COLD AND HOSTILEITY and MARCHED on the Capitol and SENT A MESSGE to those who would DRAG DOWN the SOVREIGN STATE OF GEORGIA! Thanks to YOU, they now know that THE UNALIENABLE VALUES that our Great State was founded upon are NOT FORGOTTON and CHERISHED and will not be GIVEN UP lightly!!!

But once again, WE NEED YOU to defend our BELOVED HOME!

Over 200 years ago, an INJUSTICE was foysted upon our SOVERIGN STATE by an incompetant survey crew! Recently, the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES reversed that injustice, and RESTORED to Geogia her bounderies! Yet, LAWLESS FOLK would DENY JUSTICE to our Great State!

THEREFORE, once again, dear brethren of the GEORGIA CITIZENS MILITIA ---


On LABOR DAY, SEPTEMBER the 2nd, all ABLE-BODYED MEN who can make the trip should MUSTER at the COLE CITY EXIT off I-59, prepared to MARCH over RUGGED TERRANE to the southern bend of NICKAJACK LAKE, that we may DEFEND our GOD-GIVEN TERRITORYS! LABOR DAY will be the DAY we CLAIM the HARD WORK of our FOREFATHERS!!!

Please respond to this email for directions or to share rides. PLEASE bring adequate CLOTHING, FOOD, and FOOTGEAR for the march! If you cannot muster with us, RATION SWAPS will be APRECIATED!

I had a look at the likely route they’re going to take: rugged, indeed! The extreme northwest corner of the state is cut off from the rest by a canyon of sorts — you actually have to drive into Tennessee or Alabama to get there by road. Google Earth shows a road and a power line cut running down the east side, but the elevation drops like 600 feet in a pretty short distance and I think the road is one of those “used to be” roads (it doesn’t show on Google Maps). Interestingly enough, Google Earth also shows the state line where it was supposed to be in the first place (the 35th parallel), putting the river well inside Georgia — but Google Maps shows the line where it was actually drawn. It didn’t take long to check out… which was fortunate, because both power and Internet access are getting spotty as usual through the summer (although it’s not as bad as last year, yet). I suspect they’re giving priority power to cellphone towers, or perhaps the carriers have beefed up their backup power systems, because the cell network has been mostly well-behaved all summer… which is good; they might be able to call an ambulance when people take the inevitable tumble down that drop.

I wonder how news crews are going to cover this. Probably from helicopters. I might email the militia to see if they want an embedded journalist with them if none of the mainstreamers are interested.



  1. Hi FAR :)

    Good luck being the embedded journalist / blogger with the unofficial militia. One can only wonder if the constitution will be respected during a challenging future.

    Great blog!

  2. Perhaps one of those drone plane things can at least get some photos/footage. An interesting installment, Far.

  3. Hey Far! Ha! Maybe one of those drone planes won't be taking footage at all, but dropping off a little package? I'd be kinda affraid to be the embedded journalist/blogger too! But with your solar powered pc, maybe you won't get lost after all, if google earth is still around.

    Gee, maybe by that time google earth will be a pay service? You might have to subscribe in order to get it? What about blogger? Email? Ha! Here ya go Far! I'll loan ya a couple of quarters so you can plug in your pc into a phone booth!!! ssssh!, we don't want to get 'em started.....ha! ha!

    I read a nasty little rumor (red ice creations. com?) about this time last year. Anyway, a whole new internet service would be born by the fall of this year, the only catch is we'll be charged for on line time, furthermore all sites would also be charged subscription fees. Gee, I hope this doesn't come to past.

    Gee Far, is this rag-tag bunch actually going to be armed? Maybe they better watch it..they may be shoot'en themselves in the foot!

    Thanks, yooper

  4. Hi all!

    Nudge, thanks. Personally, I think that lower energy levels will make it harder to violate… now if the nation dissolves into chaos, there will be pockets of Constitutional preservation & places where it will be thrown out completely. If it weren't for the human factor, this could be considered good — ideally, the melting pot would produce a new and improved constitution.

    Boran, I hadn't thought about the drones. Helicopters, on the other hand…

    Yooper, there have been zillions of rumors about the net — snopes.com doesn't say anything about it either way. I do think the Internet will take a different shape in the future (you've seen my thoughts at the Archdruid's place about that) and that will factor into later episodes.

    Yup, those guys like their weapons. But some of the people who live in this region play into that perception of ignorance, all the better to fleece you but good. ;-)

  5. Hey Far! Gee, I just hope those changes in the internet that's coming doesn't price me out of the market... I'm rather dependent on this system, as of now. So you can see my concern.

    Another troubling thing on my mind as this winter drags on (we're still wading through 4 feet of snow), is how people are going to adjust to the higher heat costs? Especially the people on the fringes and the elderly. Just now this is becoming more and more apparent. Gee, this isn't looking too good......now.

    Thanks, yooper

  6. I don't know how the pricing will change when the structure changes. Perhaps it will even get cheaper since the equipment will be cheaper to run. Another possibility is that people will build their own networks ad hoc.

    As for heating… I've touched on that in the episodes covering the winter of 2012-2013. People will be moving in with each other, sharing fuel costs. I just hope it will be enough.


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