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Thursday, March 06, 2008

TB02 and Other Stories

It seems like the entire blogosphere is talking about Gary Gygax’s demise. This is fortunate (the chatter, not the event, jeeeeez), because I have stuff to talk about a little closer to home. I was an avid D&D player in college, and still have all my books & figurines & so forth, but I haven’t played seriously since graduating, too long ago to comfortably think about. So after the customary moment of silence, followed by noting “DEAD-NO RES” on the character sheet and moving it to the back of the notebook…

I must have rolled snake eyes on my luck throw (or used it all up last week, more likely). Last night, we made official what I’ve suspected all week: TB02 — The Boy has come back home. AGAIN. And not by himself. There’s Snippet, of course; her mom has been living in a camper for some months (verified by Mrs. Fetched) and she is out of options, and I’m not exactly thrilled with the idea of putting a 17-year-old female on the street. A happier circumstance is EJ, The Boy’s long-time friend and probably one of the better influences in his life. EJ works at the hospital and offered to pay rent (we accepted of course). Snippet, who was “home schooled” (NOT) for several years, is signing up for GED classes and Mrs. Fetched will make sure she gets to them. ;-)

Well. The nest that was getting empty has filled right back up again. Mrs. Fetched is actually happy about it, partly because we like EJ and partly because Snippet has some experience working chicken houses, and partly because The Boy really isn’t prepared for living on his own just yet. She said something to the effect that it may work out the same as with M.A.E.: after having her around for a few months, he’ll get tired of her & ditch her as soon as she (or he, as in the case previous) can find another place to go. snort Accepting her will probably help the breakup. snort Or maybe Snippet will get tired of his ego and bail on her own. Either way, they both win.

Something ugly went down at the place he & Snippet were staying, but beyond Snippet’s friend BB (a known drama queen) trash-talking The Boy, I’m not completely sure what was going on there yet. It might be once of those “ignorance is bliss” situations, so maybe I’ll just leave it at that. EJ wasn’t living with them, but there was some kind of row between EJ, his mom, and his step-dad the same weekend The Boy and Snippet came back home — not too bright on the part of the elders, as EJ was dishing over much of what he makes at the hospital. He’s actually going to come out ahead paying rent here, which should allow him to get his own car & place by summer. The Boy is looking to start working at a nearby convenience store, and also hopes to be ready to have a more permanent TB01 by July. With any luck, Snippet will be out of the picture by then.

So let’s welcome the new cast members. Feel free to start a betting pool on how long each of them will stay around.


  1. Always nice to know I am not the only parent with an adult son in the house :-) Though mine for the time being is not making my hair gray.


  2. Good luck with the "houseguests", Far.

  3. Hi Christina… there's several of us out here! I'm not sure The Boy qualifies as "adult," at least more than chronologically, but I think he's trying to get his act together.

    Boran, thanks. I'm hoping summer will find us rattling around in a big empty manor, but "there will be rain if God wills it." At least the DSL is working.

  4. They will be there as long as you give them a place to fall back on. Even though I know The Boy personally, from just reading your stories on your blog, it's pretty obvious that he's never going to be "out of the house" until he knows that his options are limited. You have the patients of a Saint, must have gotten them from Dad. LOL

  5. Solar, you know that it was a little different in our case. They strung a really fine line… just tolerable enough to stick it out until we were ready, intolerable enough that we were more than ready to leave given the first chance!

    We still have the coffee table that Mom gave me when I left. Sturdy sucker.

  6. Hi FAR, I wondered what you meant when you mentioned a full house. Wow -- you've got as many roommates and mister & I do now! It sounds like you're handling it better than me, though.

    Solar, do you comment at Political Animal? There's someone with your name who comments there. I've thought about waving, but didn't want to humiliate myself....

    (waving at boran & Christina)

  7. KB, I've been through this before. It'll take a while for them to get on my nerves. As long as I have a few comforts, and a little space, things will be OK.

  8. Ahh...

    Space. I dream of space... That's what we don't have.


  9. Of course we don't have *space*. Honestly... I give it until Mom says he can't do something that really ticks him off. Then he'll run off to wherever he went before.

  10. KB, was that *your* kid or *mine*???

  11. :)

    I think it would be an ASTONISHING coincidence if *my* kid found *your* blog, so I'm guessing, yours. Plus it *sounds* like her voice. Doesn't it?

  12. KB, I was thinking maybe you'd left the window up & walked away from the computer for a minute. It could have happened. :-)

    The time kind of threw me — she'd *better* not have been up until almost 1am on a school night!


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