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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Mater sproutsI had gone into the studio Sunday to grab a couple of tools I’d left in there, and saw no sprouts in the starter pots.

What a difference a couple of days makes. I checked again yesterday evening, and nearly all the tomatoes have sprouted — one tray has Rutgers, another Tommy-Toe (seeds from some friends), and the third is the little yellow pear tomato that volunteered from nowhere in the herb bed last year (the latter are very sweet and keep for a long time). The sprouts are bent over because they were covered in plastic (on the advice of Mrs. Fetched’s mom) and weren’t able to push the plastic out of the way on their own. Naturally, I didn’t mark them and have no idea which one is which. The peppers are still thinking about things and remain covered.

At the bottom left are some basil and cilantro I planted from saved seeds. I see one in each tray, so they’re beating the peppers up…


  1. Oh those nasty herbs beating up on the peppers! How dastardly of them! FAR. I applaud your motivation to get this stuff going, as we've only talked about starting some things indoors (we're south window deprived) so we better get some medium and start some stuff soon. I've always found that peppers are pokey to get going at first, so I wouldn't worry too much.

    I may just direct sow the basil and cilantro again this year because where we are the cilantro bolts/blooms so quickly that we have to plant successively to keep it young enough to use. Do you have that problem where you are? Generally caused by heat I think, or at least that's the cause I rationalize, lol.

    This year we're going to start our castors indoors soon and set them out as plants, with the hopes of getting some mammoth ones this year. LOL, last year's only topped out at 13 feet...

  2. I dunno, IVG... the only window in the studio faces east, so I just use it & deal. I have a couple of clamp-lamps, and could get some grow bulbs & stick 'em in, but so far I haven't had to worry about it.

    I grew cilantro once before this year. It bolted (I like that term, it fits) and died as summer came on, so I suspect you're right about the heat — I'd assumed it was because I hadn't kept it trimmed. I'll keep that in mind for successive plantings.

    Attack of the Giant Castor! Premiering this summer in Des Moines!


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