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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Boy Sees Life from the Other Side

After yesterday’s debacle, there were a thousand (actually 1015) dead chickens to pick up. I was long gone to the job that pays something (but I had to ride home through thunderstorms, so it’s all even), so Mrs. Fetched rounded up The Boy and some other denizens of the trailer to help out. Afterwards, he came up to the manor and Mrs. Fetched asked him how things were going. He delivered himself of a laundry list:

1) A friend of his asked if he could stay there too, and he agreed. A week later, he’s told the guy to “get off his ass and get a job, he’s not freeloading off of me.”

2) Snippet skipped school today, complaining of “heavy cramps,” but was somehow OK to go swimming.

3) “I’m the only one who cleans up the place, and I’m tired of it!”

Yes, that hysterical cackling noise you might have heard this evening was probably Mrs. Fetched and me…


  1. WOW, FAR,
    Do you think TB is finally starting to see the "reality based community?" If so, that sure sounds like a good omen. My sense has always been that he's a good guy, but he just needs to wise up to living in the real world, get more selective about the people who make up his group.

    Faint glimmers of progress there? I hope so, for you and Mrs. Fetched.

  2. IVG, I see him as being about halfway there. There's still a compartmentalization that has to be broken down — right now, how his trailer-mates act toward him and how he acted toward us are two different things in his mind. Once he makes that connection…

    He is a good guy at his foundation… like you said. He'll get there. If he can scrape off Snippet, he'll make a lot of progress in a hurry I think. He has a history of letting girlfriends distract him from his longer-term goals.

  3. FAR, I have vivid memories of my life at his age and how that all seems to go with day to day relationships. ACK, I'm actually glad I'm older now, lol.

    With a solid core, as you said "he'll get there." Sounds like the Snippet thing needs to go though ... it's odd, but we could have said the same things about the neighbor boy we watched grow from teenhood to marriage in the last ten years. He's a great kid. Bad Idea To Get Married at 22. Oh well, kids these days, eh?

    And I used to wear an onion on my belt, as was the fashion in those days ... hehe

  4. Onion on your belt? If that's a metaphor, or a fashion statement, I've not heard of either one.....

  5. Onion on your belt ... hmmm ... I'm out of the loop too FAR. :)

    I wondered where that faint cackling noise was coming from ... ;-)

    Slow steps ... but in the right direction, right.

    (And omg - 1015 dead chickens ... :-O)

  6. Thanks, O. Good to know I'm not the only one completely in the dark here. ;-)

    Yeah, 1000 dead chickens is a major suck — two days before they become Not Our Problem Anymore is worse.

  7. LOL FAR, Olivia!!!

    That was a quote from none other than Grandpa (Abe) Simpson during one of his "In my youth, things were different...." rants. He also used to yell at clouds, just like McSame does these days ...

  8. Ooooooookaayyyyyy. I used to watch The Simpsons pretty regularly, but that was a long time ago. You know, back in the day.


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