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Friday, July 04, 2008

Splat! [UPDATED Jul 6, 9pm]

Daughter Dearest (with our blessing) invited her friend Sasquatch and his family over for a 4th of July cookout. Three of us, three of them… six people? No problem. Them Mrs. Fetched invited her parents (eight). The Boy and P.O.D. (Snippet has to work this afternoon, so that’s ten). Not enough? Not for Mrs. Fetched — she invited another family over… fourteen total. (Somehow, I had thought there were 17, but 14 is plenty.) Ummm… we need groceries. Off to the supermarket.

Eventually, we got to the dairy section in the far back corner of the store, and Daughter Dearest said to me, “Look at this fly.” It was a rather large housefly, walking around on the glass in front of the name-brand milk. Next thing I know, she’d removed one of her flip-flops: “Should I whack it?”

“Sure, squish that sucker!” I said.

WHAP echoed all over the back corner of the store. I was surprised an employee didn’t come over there to investigate; it was fairly loud.

Daughter Dearest quickly walked away from the scene of the crime, and then turned to look and started giggling. “It’s smashed on the glass!”

I had a look… sure enough, this big fly was now part of the display. I would have gotten a picture, but A bunch of people suddenly showed up, completely oblivious to the fly, and I didn’t want to call their attention to it. But DD and I laughed and wise-cracked about it {“It was this big,” DD said, making a dime-sized circle with her finger & thumb. “Yeah, but now it’s this big!” I said, making a two-inch circle with my fingers} until we got to the checkout line, with Mrs. Fetched clucking and eye-rolling in counterpoint. On the way out, she swung by the service desk and told them about the fly, omitting our complicity in the situation.

It’s not like people are buying milk anyway, at $4.50 $5.89 a gallon.

[UPDATE: We swung over that way this afternoon for a couple of errands. The fly is still there, and I got a picture. I guess Mrs. Fetched’s message didn’t get passed along.]


  1. Fresh flip-flop kill! Throw it on the barbie!

  2. That's a great everyday tale there FAR! Fortunately our cookout was just us this year (I nixed the invite the whole frame shop crew over here this year, I just wasn't up for it). We had pork tenderloin marinated 3 days in a mix of hot sauce from one of our favorite Mexican places, Stubb's barbecue sauce and the tail end of a bottle of A1. Wow that was tasty ... and spicy! (It made me sneeze once.) Some fresh corn that I suspect came from GA or FL, which was good, but not as great as our own grown will be later this summer. Some great baked beans and we were doing fine.

    Took my first fireworks pictures ever tonight and a lot of them turned out really well. Have a few up over at my place.

    At least DD helped you survive the whole shopping ordeal with a smile!

  3. Boran, we weren't that hungry, but I know some cats who would have loved to take care of that fly.

    IVG, pork tenderloin sounds good… but I tend to avoid pork these days due to cholesterol. The prep sounds very good, and the quiet cookout sounds even better. Sasquatch's mom brought fireworks and we shot them off. Good pix, BTW!

  4. Oh, no!!-

    FAR and DD, I can't kill anything anymore... I was working Saturday at my friend's shop and this huge roach jumped out of a pile of cardboard boxes and fell on its back on the tile floor.

    Because the tile is so slippery, it couldn't upright itself. So I found a plastic glass to pop over it, slipped some carboard over the top of the glass and escorted my new friend outside to a big planter.

    I've done the same thing for flies over the years. I already have too much bad karma--don't want to chance generating even more!


  5. Hey EE! Welcome to the free-range insane asylum!

    Yuck, roaches. I'd have stomped that sucker in a heartbeat! But if I was in a non-stomping frame of mind, I think I would have carried it to the dumpster.

    I'll carry moths outside & let 'em go though.


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