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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

You Go, Girl. To Some Other School.

Lovely… and it’s the school I graduated from.

This is a story that sucks on several levels.

Lordy, but I was glad to get out of high school. I blew that town and didn’t go back for a long time. When I did, I took Mrs. Fetched to the Farm House, a restaurant I worked at for a while. I told the waitress I wanted to say hello to the owner, and she got a funny look and said, “Oh… he moved to Grand Rapids with his daughter. And nobody knew he had a daughter.” oooooops


  1. FAR, you're sure right about that. What's with these girls beating up on other ones and recording it? There was a case a while back in FL that sounds practically the same.

    And what's this "expulsion for 180 days" stuff? When I was in school, that meant you were OUT and for good. 180 days? She's lucky she's not in jail.

  2. Hiya FAR.

    Just a little beating the crap out of somebody. Heck that kindergarten stuff. In the time I've been back home, at my high school there been 2 shootings (no deaths) and one kid was stabbed to death in the lunch room. Thing about it is this high school is a small one. Go figure.

    Actually I agree with IVG that 180 days is to easy a punishment. I listened to the video twice, and from what I could make of it, they beat her up because of her sexual orientation and PDA. Sounds like a hate crime to me.

    I was like you in that I was glad to get out of high school, and I didn't come home for many years. When I finally got back it didn't seem like I missed that much. :)

    Hope you have a good w/e.

  3. How would you have known if the owner of the Farm House had a daughter? If she's still in highschool then she came well after we left Wayland.

    There were 8 girls and 2 boys that were arrested on assault charges here in Lakeland. They invited this girl over to their house and held here against her will while they beat her up and video taped it. Not only did these punk ass kids get charged with assault as adults, but they also were charged with kidnapping. Everyone around here is calling for their heads.

    It's not a case of kids being kids anymore. The kids these days aren't afraid of anything, because the parent's can't (or won't) smack the shit out of them once in a while. These kids also know that no adult can touch them, teachers and otherwise, and if they do they cry battery.

    When I was in school from start to finish I don't know how many times teachers would use a paddle on your butt or grab you by the ear and put you down.

  4. IVG, it's so common in Britain that they have a term for it: "happy slapping." I'm trying to figure out what's happy about it. If I remember what was said on the news report, it was 180 school days — in other words, the entire year.

    FM, I was thinking the same thing re: hate crime. I'm not sure why the attackers weren't at least charged with assault… well, I do. It was always a highly religious right kind of area, and I noticed that the newscasters kind of skirted around the issue. Justice can still be hard to come by for the "wrong" people.

    Solar, it was the people at the restaurant who said they didn't know he had a daughter. We'd been gone, but they had been there all along.

    I remember that incident in Lakeland. Have you noticed it's usually the upper-middle or upper-class kids that get busted for those kind of things? Remember the kid who graduated with me, him & his buddy stole a pig to roast for his grad party, they got caught, and his dad (big-shot lawyer) was doing the "my kid wouldn't do such a thing" grandstanding? As I recall, he got off with a wrist slap… certainly not the jail time you or I would have gotten.

  5. That's an awful story, Far. I agree with IVG, the punishment was too light given the nature of the act.

    It really is hard to go home again.


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