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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Silly stuff for Tuesday

New Hope ChurchThey named their church after a Star Wars episode! How cool is that?

I’ve been thinking about printing up the following haiku on stickers & putting them on gas pumps:

Here at the gas pump,
I filled my motorcycle.
It cost 10 dollars.

Speaking of which, I had a couple people encroach in my lane this evening, within a minute of each other, ironically on the way to the gas station. First was a mini-van, then a dualie (aka Tiny P***s Compensator). I'm thinking air horns should be my next accessory. I’ve had this happen on a much larger bike and emptier road. It’s amazing how people don’t see the bike, they don’t hear the horn — but somehow or other, they see you hoist your boot off the peg to kick a dent in their door. :-P

There was a minor head-on collision in front of the gas station. One person was turning left to come in, the other turning left to come out, and they both tried to occupy the same space at the same time. Doesn’t work. Nobody hurt, fortunately, and it gave me a little cover to make the turn myself.

Then another minivan pulled off the road in front of me, about 10 miles from home. I stopped and asked him if everything was OK. He pointed at the hood and said, caliente. By the time I got back his way with a gallon of water, his motor must have cooled down… I hope he got where he was going.


  1. Hey Far! Gee, it wasn't that long ago when 10 bucks went a long ways in my little car!

    Any guesses what gas might be, come after the election? This past spring I thought the price of a gas would be $4.00 this fall...We'repaying $4.32 right now.

    I suppose, it might not be long before the Prophet doesn't have a corner to stand on......

    Thanks, yooper

  2. Far, You're gonna have to paint the bike a screaming bright orange. But the horn might be a better idea.

    Be safe out there.

  3. Yooper, I think (in this area) that it will hover between $4 and $4.30-ish… add 20 cents for your area since we're seeing $4.09 now. That's if the hurricanes stay away & nobody does something impressively stupid in the ME or Nigeria. I remember 10 bucks filling my Civic, which would then take me 400 miles.

    Boran, painting me screaming bright orange might help. I try to be safe, and if I'd been thinking I could have probably just gassed it & been fine.

  4. FAR, yikes just going to the gas station! Have you thought of a blaze orange hunting jacket when you're on the bike? I bet that's really a strong fashion statement down your way. And you could stick a cigar in your mouth just for effect. Of course, I jest ....

  5. IVG, the gas station in question is down a 4-lane commercial artery. Both ding-dongs in question were trying to get out of the right lane to get around someone turning right in front of them. No fun under any circumstances, but understandable.


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