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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Daughter Dearest Gets Orientated

DD and the school mascotWhen things happen, they happen quickly. DD settled on a college: Reinhardt, a flurry of paperwork ensued, and yesterday was the orientation session (which they call SOAR, for Student Orientation And Registration — since their mascot is the Eagles… hey, I didn’t make it up).

Students and their entourage were greeted by a dancing eagle mascot out front of the student center, giving hugs and high-fives… so of course I had to get a picture. DD went along with it, but claimed I was embarrassing her. Maybe it was because I danced with the eagle a little bit (and she didn’t have the camera).

After a brief sign-in, we went downstairs for the greetings. After about 20 minutes, they split the students up into 5 groups and took them around for tours and info. The parents stayed put and got our own version of info-glut. They had the A/C up way too high, and more breaks would have been nice (they kept us for nearly two hours at one point, moving right from one session to the next). We broke for lunch, which was actually quite good (tons better than the dorm food I remember) and then a tour of the dorms. This was well-received by many of the parents, who were itching for an excuse to get out in the sunshine and thaw out.

First stop was one of the men’s dorms. The girls, and the parents of same, hung out in the lobby while the guys went to check things out. We “admired” the seriously ratty pit group in front of the TV. Only one of the girls had the guts to sit on it, and she took a corner. Daughter Dearest’s observation: “It smells of drywall, bricks and men. That’s comfort for a guy.” Ah, dry(wall) humor. On the way to the women’s dorm, I heard one of the guys opine, “my room has a great view of an electrical box,” which reminded me of some of the dorm views I had (a concrete wall, a cafeteria roof). We got to see the room that DD is assigned to: two rooms, one bath, four people. The big picture window looks out into the courtyard — not over the courtyard, into it. Where people can look back in. I think the blinds will be closed a lot. Her dorm is one of the last two that doesn’t have wireless, but does have Ethernet, so I’ll have to send a cable with her. She’s been trying to get in touch with her roomie, to see if she’ll bring a refrigerator or if DD should bring one.

Back to the student center for more sessions afterwards. Someone must have gotten the memo about the A/C, and the room was much for comfortable. We got to split into groups and discuss various situations that students have been known to get into. Our group got to talk about a student getting (and maxing out) a credit card, on music and unnecessary clothing.

Move-in day is August 23, starting at 8 a.m. The dean of the music department will be having a rehearsal that evening, so it’s going to be a looooong day for her. I figure we’ll help her get her stuff in the room, then get outta there and let her get started.

We'll need to pull $5000 our of our @$$ to pay for this, but it’s worth it. Without FAR Manor, it would be pocket change, but you’ve heard enough of that tune by now…


  1. Big congrats to the daughterly offspring (and the proud hardworking 'rents)! I hope she's really happy and finds a lot of success and adventures at college, it can be such a great time in one's life.

  2. Thanks, Jen. She's really looking forward to getting started. I figure on having a fun post about move-in day when that comes around.

    Hope your sis's wedding goes off as planned & everyone has a good time!

  3. Hey FAR,
    Congrats for DD! Please pass that on to her, if you will. :-) I take it that's a small private college in GA? 'Scuse me if I've never heard of it, but I love the small college atmosphere.

    I remember my Freshman orientation well, they sent all of us out to a nearby state park for a camp out, and it rained the whole 3 days! I'll never forget the huddling under plastic in tents, miserable. After that, the dorm room looked positively luxurious.

    What a big transition for DD, but I'm sure she'll excel! How's Mrs. Fetched going to react to the empty nest syndrome? Personally, if I were a parent (to other than dogs), I'd actually be relishing it, hehe.

    Thunder boomers going on here again right now, so I should head out before it gets much woolier out there! We lost power briefly a few times last night and tonight looks to be the same or worse.

    Again, congrats to DD! Oh, and I had to look at that larger view of the pic ... at first I thought she had somehow grown a quick mohawk! Whew, it was just the furry paw of the Eagle! LOL

  4. Hey IVG. You nailed it, small private (liberal arts) college in GA. DD and I were cutting up about the empty nest thing on Saturday, in fact. Mrs. Fetched isn't 100% sanguine about it, but that's probably a function of "nobody to help with the chickens" as much as anything else. ;-)

    No rain here until Wednesday, it seems, even with me riding the motorcycle full-time.

  5. Far, Best of luck to DD! I went to a smaller (state) campus here in NY. It's definitely the way to go. I wouldn't trade those years for anything. I'm sure that she'll have good experiences there. Just keep her away from the oversized eagle and she'll be fine. ;-)

  6. Hey Boran… I don't think that'll be a problem. She won't get anywhere *near* that thing, at least as long as I'm around with the camera!

  7. Congrats! How exciting ... starting college ... ah, remember those days - really good days. I hope she just soaks it all in and enjoys every moment!

  8. Oh, and IVG - lol at your orientation story.

  9. Hey Olivia!

    Yup, it's a big step. I'm happy for her to the point where she's joking about me kicking her out of the house!


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