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Thursday, June 11, 2009

[EDITED] Ch-ch-ch-change

Note: the comments link is now at the TOP of the posts. I've been fiddling with stuff but haven't figured out how to move it to the bottom yet. Just look up instead of down, you’ll see it.

I was recently mulling giving TFM a makeover, then Blogger Buzz helpfully posted an article to Spruce Up Your Blog.

After devoting a whole ten minutes to it, two styles jumped out at me:

Abrasive, by btemplates.com

Inove, a converted WordPress template from deluxetemplates.net

For anyone who’s interested, I was using Thisaway Blue, one of Blogger’s standard templates.

Thoughts? iNove is a nice clean look, while Abrasive does a good job of representing the general deterioration of an older house that I must constantly combat, and I like the way lists look. If anyone has other suggestions, I’m all eyes.


  1. For some reason, and not the one you stated, abrasive seems better suited to the TFM style. The other one is just a bit too, umm, simple.

  2. Thanks, Boran. I'm sort of leaning that way anyway, but I'll see what others have to say.

  3. Hey FAR,
    I see what you mean about abrasive reflecting the decadence, but the color sort of rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. Of course you can tinker all you want with the colors/fonts so that might just do the trick. I liked the clean look of the other one though ... took me a while to find one I liked when I switched (I use Minima Lefty Stretch). Have fun tinkering!

  4. I like abrasive because it's kind of woodsy - but that's just me. Not sure how well it reflects your blog, but it's purdy!!

  5. I too prefer "Abrasive". It has warmth and visual texture.

    The other one makes me think 'pharmacuetical company disclaimer page'.

  6. Hiya FAR,

    I'm putting in for Abrasive too. The reason I like it is because it's lighter and seems more welcoming. The Invoe with the dark top and sides made me feel like I was entering the realm of the dark lord or something like that.

  7. Hey all!

    IVG, I have impaired color perception (not completely color-blind, but I do fail those tests) so I tend to focus on contrast rather than colors. I'm willing to tinker though… maybe you can help out?

    Beth, Wooly, FM, thanks much. If Inove seems that cold, maybe it *is* a corporate look… I'll apply Abrasive tonight & see what happens — take the paint off, maybe?

  8. Wow - it's different! I like some of it but, some of it seems... off? Like it doesn't quite fit. I like the colors.

    And I always like new.

    It's funny that you've done this. I just spent a week sprucing up one of my blogs (a group blog). It was a lot of fun to dig into a style sheet like that for the first time in nearly a year.

  9. I like the new look! Change is always good!

  10. Good evening, ladies!

    KB, we probably have different ideas of what "some things don't quite fit" mean… for me, longer post titles are it. I went in & tweaked a few things; for example there was a lot of stuff forced to all lowercase or all uppercase that I didn't like. If you have any suggestions, I'll see what I can do.

    Beth, thanks much… it's growing on me quickly, warts & all.

  11. I wonder if it was the view from my laptop. Everything fits now.

    But, before - something (I can't remember what since it's OK now) was pushed out of it's container. Text wasn't word-wrapping.

    I've been really digging into blog style sheets all week. So if you can't find how to change something ask me. I can set one of my practice-blogger blogs to your template and work on it too.

  12. I like it FAR. It looks great.

  13. Thanks, Olivia!

    KB, I'm not sure how important it is, because people are finding the comment link, but I'd like to have the comment link at the bottom… most people will comment after they've read, so it makes sense to have it at the bottom of the post anyway. Thanks much!


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