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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Pollin', pollin', pollin'…

Time for a new poll, which of course means taking one last look at the old one:

Looks like most of you are realistically pessimistic… on Planet Georgia anyway, gas prices have already crept into the range that the vast majority of you picked. Nobody, at least nobody who voted, thought that prices would go down — neither do I, but I expected someone would pick it on a lark.

There are several paths to TFM, and any blog for that matter — the new poll asks what paths you like to take to get here. There's no right answer, but (depending on the answers) I might change some of the things I’m doing. If you check “other,” be sure to leave a comment to explain it.


  1. You forgot to put Following as one of your choices on your poll. That is how I get updates.

  2. OOPS!

    Google Reader was sort of meant to cover Following, but that should have had its own choice. Sheesh.


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