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Friday, June 05, 2009

Flowery Friday

We've got these really gaudy lilies out front, that have been looking like this for a week or so now…

lily montage

Here’s to a bright, colorful — shall we say loud? — weekend.


  1. They look good to me. We've actually got similar ones that were here when we moved in way back in 1994.

    Have a good weekend, Far.

  2. They look gorgeous. Do they smell as good as they look?

  3. Hey all!

    Boran, I think they're daylilies. Whatever they are, they certainly command attention, huh?

    Wooly, they smell nice, but they're not really strong. Just in appearance.

  4. Lovely, FAR. :-)

    We get masses of those orange lilies growing wild, and they fill the sides of roads in some places.

  5. Thanks, O! Wow, they grow wild up there? That must be a sight…


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