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Friday, June 26, 2009

Flowery Friday

Summer is hitting Planet Georgia with both barrels… as I’ve said before, the weather here has attitude. But it’s not stopping the flowers…

A tall pink rose in front of the manor, across the driveway.

pink rose

A little ways behind it, among the trees, a hydrangea alerts us to its presence with a big bright splash of blue.


I presume both of these plants have deep roots; we’ve had no more than a couple spits of rain in the last couple of weeks, despite 40%–60% chances of rain on several occasions. Smaller trees are starting to show signs of stress, but these flowers (and my tomato plants) are doing well.


  1. To say that we have been inundated with rain would be understating the amount that has fallen. It has rained almost every day, and sometimes multiple times a day, for more than 3 weeks. You are welcome to some of ours, just send a large bucket, or spare tanker.

  2. I'll commandeer a couple of feed trucks; I think they'll hold water!


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