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Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Night Cinema (rerun)

Gas prices on Planet Georgia had been hovering under $3/gallon for a while — it seemed like nobody wanted to be first. But when one went up on Wednesday, nearly everyone followed suit pretty quickly. Since it’s too danged expensive to drive anywhere, grab a snack and settle in with Friday Night Cinema!

So to (ahem) “honor” the occasion, FNC has brought back an old favorite: Dominic Tocci’s I Can’t Afford My Gasoline.

“Happy” motoring!


  1. Hiya FARfetched.

    Man am I glad I don't have to drive farther than a couple of miles to get into town. A fill-up will usually last me about 2 weeks.

    Hope you have a slackerly weekend coming up.

  2. Gas is up here too ... for us it's 1.10 to 1.11 CDN a litre, but out west (my brother lives in Vancouver) it's 1.30/litre.

    Hey FAR, I read your post below and I'm hoping that you're on the mend and feeling better. If not, get better soon!

  3. Hi guys!

    FM, I'm not surprised. I wish I could go 2 weeks between fill-ups.

    Yup, Olivia, I'm doing better. It lingered a little longer than I expected or cared for, though. :-P


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