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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Plants, flowers, bees [UPDATED]

[UPDATE: I added a picture of the mountain laurel.]

Mrs. Fetched snagged me from the comfort of a lounge chair this evening, where I was reading Cell, to plant a few things out front in the dusk. I dug, she planted, and we both scooped dirt back in.

Mountain LaurelLooking out the bathroom window this evening, I saw a huge mountain laurel in full bloom down at the edge of the woods. Click the picture for a closeup of the flowers.

Some of the lilies that run riot around the manor grounds are also starting to bloom, purple varigated with white, that look somewhat like large versions of the wild violets that I couldn’t get rid of even if I wanted to.

The mountain laurel was getting plenty of attention from the large carpenter bees, and my strange old friend the Hummingbird Clearwing Moth was also getting in on the pollination action. I haven’t seen any honeybees in about a month, when they were buzzing around the wisteria. Colony Collapse Disorder is a terrible thing to have happen, but it looks like other bugs are already picking up the pollination slack. I hope so, anyway.

Are you seeing honeybees at your place, or are other bugs stepping in?


  1. Fred the cat did his own version of polenation in my flower bed.

  2. Haven't seen any bees here yet, but the blooms are just beginning. And we usually have them for the entire season as the big rose bushes are prolific bloomers -- they keep the bees buzzing all summer long. We shall see ...

  3. Hey guys...

    Solar, I think the word is "fertilization" rather than "pollination" in Fred's case. He might also do a little aeration or even tilling as well.

    O, here's hoping. I also got some pix that you've probably seen by now....

  4. Lovely photo ... love the IBs of the flowers ... really symmetrical.

  5. We've got lots of honey bees out and about up here in NC.

  6. Hi Rosemoon! I don't recall seeing you around before, so welcome to my cRaZy planet!

    Good to hear you have honeybees up there. I've been keeping an eye on things; plenty of carpenter bees and the occasional bumblebee on the flowers. I took a quick peek at your blog & liked what I saw, so I'll be back for more shortly.


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