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Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Real Electronic Shackle

Ankle braceletThe Boy was kind enough to show off his new fashion accessory last night. It’s going to be a part of him for the next two months. After hearing about this deal, I wonder that he didn’t just choose being in jail for the next two months instead: he has to be in the house (not even the garage) by 8pm; he needs to get permission from his probation officer to do anything later than that. He has to have weekly drug and alcohol tests, as well as 3-hour counseling sessions every Sunday afternoon. His driver’s license is gone-zo until he’s 21 (like that matters; he’s been dropped off our insurance for a while).

The phone is a bit of a pain, but not as much of one as it could be. To leave the line clear for the ankle bracelet’s receiver to do its thing, we’re supposed to limit calls to five minutes. The monitoring service can call at any time. That’s not such a big deal; we have smellphones for longer calls and can turn off the ringer at least in our bedroom.

But I hope last night isn’t going to be typical: since he couldn’t go carouse with his “good friends,” they came to FAR Manor. All evening. And the ones who weren’t popping in and out like blink dogs were calling well into the wee hours. At least one of them had been drinking before (I hope) he got here, and ended up falling asleep in The Boy’s room. I took him home this morning, along with some pointers on how The Boy’s real friends will conduct themselves around him: no booze, no drugs, and no late-night calls. I’m sure it went in one ear and out the other, even though he assured me he’d pass the word around.

We all get to enjoy this time together, I suppose…


  1. Hi FARfetched.

    For some reason, I see a lot of stories coming out of this in the next few months. :)

    I hope you and the family get through this with as little difficulty as possible.

  2. Thanks, FM. It's not all bad… last night was pretty peaceful, and he's helping Mrs. Fetched with the chickens during the day.

    I'm taking him to his first counseling session this afternoon — I'll bring the laptop and hole up at the coffee shop and do some writing (for my tech writing blog) when I'm not doing a little here-and-there shopping. If you have AIM, look for "FARfetched58" and give me a ping....

  3. I used to work in a drug and alcohol rehab center in the 70's. I hope The Boys head is in a good place. The important thing is he's got you and the family there.

    I had AIM one time and then started reading all these stories about how easy it is for people get into your system with it. So I ended up taking it off. I might try it again.

    Good luck with The Boy.

  4. Hmmmm ... thought I had left a comment here but looks it didn't take ...

    I agree w/ FM ... lotsa stories ... and here's wishing for them to be all positive ones ... :) All those restrictions sound like quite a nuisance, so hopefully that'll be a good detriment.

  5. I have a feeling he will take advantage of this situation and just lounge around using his excuse of "I can't go anywhere to get a job". As always I hope I'm wrong and he see's the "light", but his past actions speak for themselves. Goodluck Bro,



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