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Saturday, May 26, 2007

PITT (Pain In The Thighs)

Mrs. Fetched and Daughter Dearest went to see Pirates of the Caribbean III this afternoon. Since I haven’t seen the first two, I decided to sit it out. This was my chance to ride the road course that goes by FAR Manor. I packed my cellphone (in case of trouble or photo opportunities), two water bottles, and my trusty iPod. Escape Pod provided a high-tech counterpoint to my low-tech adventure.

You're not in Kansas anymoreI haven’t done a 30-mile bike ride since I was in college, so of course I’m feeling it. I could be feeling one or two of the college-day rides as well. The route isn’t exactly Florida-flat, and gets somewhat remote in some places. This bit of graffiti pretty much says it all.

Roadside flowerA stretch of road had these flowers growing along the side. They look like a white belladonna, but frankly I got no clue. Maybe one of the plant experts can identify it? I’d appreciate it.

I started “feeling it” about 2/3 of the way through the ride, so obviously turning back would have been a Bad Idea. I’ll probably walk funny for a little while, but Lord knows I need the exercise. If I do this every weekend, I should get in shape fairly quickly. But I’m pleased with how the pictures turned out — the cellphone camera worked will in bright light.


  1. 30-mile bike ride? Not bad at all! I got a new bike a few months ago and love it, but have yet to go *that* far with it. Just a few miles per trip, to work and back, etc.

  2. Riding to work is a good thing... it doesn't matter how high gas prices get!

  3. Hmm, some interesting flora ya got down there in the woods. Wish I could help you out with an ID on that, but I'm clueless. Does look like it has a pretty sturdy stem on that thing and the flowers are fascinating. Belladonna does seem like a good guess to me, given the shape of those flowers, but does that kind of stuff grow wild down there? I bet it is some kind of nightshade though... so don't go making any tea from that thing!

  4. Yeah, Flora's pretty, but Fauna has these teeth....

  5. I'm impressed with just 500 ft. 30 miles I couldn't imagine. Who knows you get to doing that all the time and you might be biking across the states. :)


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