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Friday, May 11, 2007

News briefs

Looks like the retail industry is now following the home mortgage industry down the toilet.

All the schemes that have been tried to feed Africa’s poor, and the one that seems to be working? Urban Gardens. Get together with your neighbors and plant a garden in the vacant lot next door. I like this quote, for some reason: “He can't grow crops that will get too tall, or else they will absorb too much pollution. Also, bandits might hide in the foliage. Better to keep the vegetables low and leafy.”

And this gem from (of course) The Register: the things that people smuggle into Irish prisons. Not for the squeamish.


  1. Hi FARfetched.

    I wonder who is surprised by the retail industry. You can't keep spending what you don't have and can't pay.

    The Urban Gardens story is a great story. I wish more people would do it here.

    The Irish prisons story. Poor bird. :)

  2. The housing issue may have directly affected retail: if your house isn't appreciating anymore, you can't take out home equity loans to buy more sh..tuff. Maybe people will take up gardening to save money on food, then they won't have to smuggle parakeets to their love ones in prison, in various body cavities. :-P


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