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Sunday, May 13, 2007

A (mostly) peaceful weekend

I was blessed this weekend with less crazy stuff than I expected. The Boy’s counseling session was moved to Saturday morning since today is Mother’s Day. (My mom is out West having a good time on a tour.) I spent an hour & a half taking care of various business, combining a bunch of errands into one trip, finishing up with groceries.

Coming out of the grocery store, I found a message on my smellphone: “don’t get groceries, go by Subway and get sandwiches… [list] …then bring them over to the chicken houses; we have a water leak.” Since I’d already got the groceries, including ice cream, I decided to just make sandwiches at home and take them over. Fortunately, the leak was near the back end of the house so Mrs. Fetched just drove the small tractor in to scoop the wet stuff out and it really didn’t take long. We finished to rumbling noises in the sky, so we went home, unplugged stuff, and several of us (including yours truly) took a nap.

Today has truly been a day of rest. We took Mrs. Fetched out for Mother’s Day, watched A Night at the Museum and haven’t done much since then.

Family Man describes himself as a slacker, but I’ll bet Dolly Freed could teach even him a thing or three. Back in 1975 or so, at age 19, she wrote a book called Possum Living (link to full text) about the extremely low-maintenance lifestyle she and her father lived. I wish I’d run across this book when I got out of college — it could have changed my life. It would be interesting to see whether she’s still living that ultra-slackerly lifestyle now at age 50-ish, and what improvements she might have made on it.


  1. Hi FARfetched.

    I'm glad you had a good weekend.

    I wish I had run across this book year ago too. I just got started reading, and I've bookmarked it so I can read and learn. :)

  2. Heh, I thought you'd like it. :-)

  3. Hi FAR, FM ... Good to hear you had a pleasant w/e at FAR Manor.

    Regarding Possum Living ... I read to the part in the introduction about raising and slaughtering rabbits and figured I'd probably starve ... as much as I hate the plump menaces ... LOL. I'm going to read on though ... looks very interesting.

  4. Hey Olivia... I guess you missed the part about the grasshoppers. :-D

    Actually, butchering a small animal isn't that bad. Probably too small to worry about, in my mind anyway. Actually, the one or two times I helped my bro-in-law "dress" a deer he shot, I maintained better than he did during the gut-dropping part. I think I just kind of detach in moments like that.

    I'm sure one could manage possum living on a vegetarian diet, but it would probably be more difficult. Grow beans for protein (peanuts would be a non-starter in Canada, at least until global warming really kicks in) and get most of your calories from carbs.


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