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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Smoke from a Distant Fire

The south GA/north FL fires are depositing a thick layer of smoke all the way up here — I was pretty sure at first that there was a fire nearby. Someone at church this morning said she heard on the news that ash was falling on the south side of Atlanta. Supposedly, it’s not so bad on the mountaintops.

All the windows are closed and we won’t be doing much outside today. Today, a 30-mile bike ride could be a good way to get a case of black lung.


  1. We've been getting that smoke. At first I thought it was some idiot that started a 700 acre forest fire about 15 miles from here, but the news said it was also smoke for the GA/FL and now AL fires. We need rain!

  2. I hear that... looks like this weekend is our first good chance for rain though. I'm watering the various garden beds around the manor every 2-3 days, and I still have to transplant most of my basil (which likes *lots* of water).


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