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Monday, June 25, 2007

By the Numbers

Some random numerical thoughts…

Chance of rain today (forecast): 30%
Amount of dry pavement on the way home: 20%
Number of times I patted myself on the back for remembering the rain suit: 1
Cost to fill the motorcycle gas tank: $5.50
Chance of rain tomorrow: 30%
Hours The Boy’s girlfriend has spent at FAR Manor since Friday evening: 50
Hours on the road for Mrs. Fetched and Daughter Dearest this weekend: 20
Days until The Boy gets rid of the ankle bracelet: 7
Days until The Boy gets an involuntary TB01: 8
Days it took to finish the floor: 18
Boxes of flooring left over: 2
Days before my vacation starts: 18
Days of vacation I wish I had:

What’s got your number? or what numbers got you?


  1. Days before my vacation ends: 6

    Days of the days left I'll be unexpectedly in San Francisco due to a death in the family (this morning): 5

    No kidding, Days of vacation I wish I had: ∞

    I'm exhausted already and I'm not getting on the plain until around noon.


  2. Number of tacos de carne asada I ate tonight = 3

    Our chance of rain tomorrow night = 40% (believe it when we see it)

    Hours spent in the garden tonight = 0 ... it was too damn hot and humid!

    Days to go till next weekend collapse = 4 (sigh)

    Days to payday = 4, then the online bill pay hits in force ...

    So it goes ....

  3. Oh, and sorry to hear about why you're heading to SFO, KB. My condolences that you have to visit such a great city under such circumstances.

    EVIL GRIN: number of days till TB01 occurs, hehehehehehehehe! Keep me posted FAR, we'll fire off something loud and dramatic for ya when it really happens!

  4. "we'll fire off something loud and dramatic for ya when it really happens!"

    But, we'll believe THAT when we see it too. (KB's still got an evil grin somewhere herself.)


  5. So now we know that in my mind the snark triumphs over everything.

    Thank you very much your kind words, IVG. In my snarky haste, I blew right past them.

    It is terrible to go under these circumstances. Especially after deliberately discussing a trip there and deciding to put it off until spring.

    If I'd have gone, I would have seen my cousin over the weekend. Now, I'll never see him again.

    So it goes, indeed.

  6. Number of times I was up sick last night: 4



  7. A couple I forgot…

    Large garbage can, percent full of (just) beer bottles after I sorted through all the crap: 75

    Number of beer cans crushed and tossed in the recycle container: I lost count

    {{{KB}}} Take care of yourself, OK? Get some rest, nap on the plane if you can. Was this expected, or did it just happen?

    {{{Olivia}}} You need to take care of yourself too! You catch a flu bug or something?

    IVG: if you keep eating those tacos, you'll fire off something loud and dramatic awright! :-D

  8. Wow. FF -- losing count of beer bottles, priceless. And not in a good way.

    The death was totally unexpected. He just turned 51, not old. No known serious heart condition.

    His wife assumed he had gone to work. And found him when she walked outside to take the dog for a walk.

    I can't imagine the shock she must be feeling.


  9. I'll take those boxes of flooring off your hands. ;-)

  10. KB, My condolences.

    Olivia, I hope that you're feeling better.

  11. Yep, something I ate ... much better now ... thanks for all the well wishes.

  12. KB: that's awful. The same thing happened to someone I knew some time back, who was about the age I am now. He checked out on the freeway, driving home from work. Of course he crashed, but the autopsy said he was gone before the wreck.

    Boran: you wanna come pick them up?

    Olivia: good to hear you're feeling better now. I see it didn't stop you from finding another great flower to shoot....


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