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Saturday, June 16, 2007

(Upper) Floored: Approaching the Finish Line

Completed gable areaAs it turns out, Nothing Happened yesterday. We ended up watching a couple of movies (Flushed Away and Syriana) and that was pretty much it. The glue supply was getting low; we called Big V since she was at Home Depot, but she was at a different store than the one we usually go to and they didn’t have it in stock. Oh well.

Daughter Dearest and I went up this afternoon and used up the rest of the glue, putting down one entire row and two pieces of another before the glue ran out completely. Looks like we’ll get some glue tonight (and Mrs. Fetched will look at floor molding while we’re there) and finish up tomorrow.

If you look at the picture (as usual, click to enlarge), you might notice that the strip on the left is shrinking a little more than perspective would account for. Due to the non-squareness of the room, we hit the gable a little crooked (it’s tapered too) and had to finagle the sides. That's what table saws are for.


  1. Thanks, KB. There's some mumbling about finishing today, but with the Father's Day festoovities planned I don't see it happening. The wimmin will probably take it up to the wall and leave it to me to cut the last strips to fit.

  2. Hi FARfetched.

    It's looking good in there. You know my opinion. Take your time and enjoy today. Hope you have a great Father's Day.

  3. Hey FM. Looks like we'll be finishing up tomorrow. Father's Day festoovities will be getting in the way. What a shame.

    Hope your daughters provide you with a good Father's Day too!

  4. It's looking really good FAR!!!

  5. Looking really good there FAR! Glad to hear you're on the home stretch at this point, and good for you taking Sunday off! Wish I could get someone else in our house to get that motivated to do such a project, but we've got way too much going on outside to even entertain that idea, lol. Keep us posted... sure we'll hear a big whooping noise from GA way when it's all said and done...

  6. The floor molding will hide a multitude of sins. I'm actually planning a similar floor for my dining room. It looks great.

  7. Hey folks!

    Thanks for the encouragement, and a big hello to Boran2 (first time I think I've seen you comment here on TFM).

    Still hanging fire... Mrs. Fetched was up all night with the chickens, so nothing got done yesterday. I'm holding out some hope they they'll get some glue today and we can finish it up tonight.


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