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Sunday, June 24, 2007

(Upper) Floored: The Final Frontier

After a nice afternoon at the resort, I stuck a couple of frozen pizzas in the oven and called it supper. As I didn’t have anything more pressing going on, I then decided to go ahead and finish up the floor. It took maybe an hour or so, and only hit one snag: I thought I would be able to slip the (thinned out) strips under the trim around the door, but it didn’t quite work that way. I ended up pulling the trim out at the bottom, and that gave me the necessary clearance. After feeding the last piece to the table saw, I put them back and got the camera.

Pictures? Ha. This occasion deserves a video! (10MB AVI) The bandwidth-challenged might prefer the thumbnail page instead.

I’ll leave it to the females to select (and preferably install) floor molding.


  1. Woo hoo, FAR! Glad to hear you got it finished! Any time you'd like to come up and do some flooring for us, you just let us know. We'll provide the beer and camaraderie, not to mention the oddest movies you've seen this side of the transgalactic divide. (Sun Ra can even come out if you like, hehe.)

    Must feel like a great sense of accomplishment... bravo! I bet DD will appreciate it too! She better, that's all I can say after all you and Mrs. Fetched have gone through in the process!

    Oh yeah, send one of my Frye booted patented kicks in the ass to the other one. LOL ... just kidding!

  2. Thanks Boran & IVG. Up a little late I see... at least IVG was.

    IVG, as for coming up & showing you what to do, I would love an excuse for a road trip. >8-} it isn't that difficult, given a couple of good saws (and a LEVEL FLOOR helps too) — just a tad messy with the glue, and that washes off with cold water & a little scrubbing. DD helped with some of the floor, so I suspect she'll appreciate it. There's all the trim work to be done, and I'm delegating that to the gurrrrlzzzz.

    Hmmm... searching IMDB for "Sun Ra" turned up a couple of titles. Weird movies are the best, although Mrs. Fetched might not agree (she's pretty conventional).


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