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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Not much happening

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Just counting down the days until The Boy is off house arrest, then gone, then vacation. I figure we’ll have to mark the blueberry bushes somehow, now that we know they exist, so we can prune them at the right time of year. I picked a handful while waiting for the coffee maker to warm up, and told Mrs. Fetched to put them in her cereal (but we had no milk, dangit). This is the time of year for blackberries, too; my first impression is that they’ll be small but sweet. Typical early-July weekend coming up: we’ll be picking berries, dodging thunderstorms, and what would life be without a chicken house to wreck those two days a week I have off? I like taking a few small jars of blackberry jelly and stashing them until winter. Then I can open one up on a cold morning, spread it on some toast, and remember how dang hot it was when we were picking them.

I have more jalapeƱos coming in than I’ll be able to use. I’ll have to can them, and I won’t have to plant more for a loooong time. Looks like I’ll have some bell peppers this weekend though, and the first ripe tomatoes should follow soon after. The basil growing in the bell pepper bed is doing very well… and once the tomatoes come in, I’ll probably be able to combine them into something really yummy.

The last few days have not been good for finding things. I got stuck fixing supper tonight, and had the hardest time finding the spaghetti. I couldn’t find the crescent rolls, even though they were in the crisper where Mrs. Fetched said they were (for a change) and I dug around looking for them. The bag of black beans were in the pantry today, although I looked all through there over the weekend. Mrs. Fetched said it’s never my day for finding stuff, and that’s mostly true… but the last few days have been worse than usual. Usually, if what I’m looking for looks like what I expect it to, and it’s not at some crazy angle, I can find it… but if it’s a different color or shape, I’ll often overlook it right in front of me. Small comfort, but The Boy couldn’t find the bag of lettuce in the crisper and it was right there (but I’d already started other veggies).

At least I’m working at home tomorrow, so I won’t have to look for the road.


  1. Hi FARfetched.

    I have the same problem with finding stuff. I know where I put stuff, but usually the family coming in and out of the house moves it around and then it takes forever to find anything. A very unslackerly way to live. :)

  2. Hi there FAR and FM.

    Yummmmmm ... sounds like you could make something really good w/ those fresh ingredients.

    Tomatoes, basil, peppers ... mmmmmmm ...

  3. FM! Good to see you back on Da Tubes! I can relate to your situation: If I put something somewhere, I can usually find it again… if someone else hasn't moved it.

    Olivia, I keep bouncing back & forth between sauce and some kind of vinaigrette.

  4. Sounds like your garden is really delivering so far, FAR! I'd take some extra jalapenos off your hands if I were closer.. it's going to be a while before we see any of those.

    When things go well for me, I always know where things are ... as long as I'm the one who put them "away." If C does it, it's anyone's guess where they might be ... usually in the most illogical place possible! (Such as gardening trowel in the bathroom, remote on the top of the refrigerator, etc.!)

  5. I have the same sort of problem. I have a tendency to not find what I'm looking for. I tell someone else and they look right where I did, but they actually find it.

  6. I know the feeling. These days I have a tendency to forget exactly where I've left things, a sure sign of middle age.

    I'm about to pick our first ripe tomatoes, very early for us.

  7. Hi folks!

    Maybe this is a guy thing? We just don’t find things?

    Boran, it’s not a middle age thing: I’ve been doing that all my life!


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