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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New Toys

The company stock went up a fair amount in the last week, making it worthwhile to cash in some stock options. Then when I saw this DR-Z400SM at the bike dealer with 170 miles on it, for about $1200 off list, I decided it was time to stop talking about getting a smaller bike (like I’ve been doing for a long while) and do it.

My mental image of a motorcycle goes back to the '70s, when little dual-sports ruled the roads in the aftermath of the oil embargo. There aren’t many bikes that look like those, at least shipped to the US anyway, but this is a sort of modern expression of those bikes.

This bike represents a number of firsts for my adult-life motorcycling: it’s the first sub-liter bike I’ve had, the first (almost) new bike, the first I picked out (as opposed to the previous two more or less following me home), first with a radiator and chain drive (the previous two were shafties), first vehicle with a digital speedometer/console… and the first bike without a tachometer, centerstand, or self-cancelling turn signals (I’ll have to get used to the latter).

The ride is very smooth, which isn’t surprising since it has motocross suspension, and I sit at about the same height as a pickup truck driver. Insurance is actually less than the Virago’s (small engines make a big difference), and it gets close to 60mpg. Unfortunately, the tank is really tiny, so I’ll be filling it more often. Go figure.

Now to get really '70s-retro and replace that little bag on the back with a milk crate…


  1. Very nice. Have fun with the new toy!

  2. Nice looking bike Far.

    I know it hasn't been long, but I'm glad to see a new post. :)

  3. Hey guys!

    Yeah, David, I plan to have fun with it. :-D

    Thanks, FM... on both counts. I'll be doing better about posting this week. I'm surprised I didn't get a toe-tap.

  4. LOL FAR. I didn't know if something was wrong, so I wouldn't toe tap. If I had know you were being lazy, I would have gone from toe tap to tap dancing. :)

  5. It wasn't being lazy, it was my Muse. Sometimes, she just jumps on my shoulders and rides me hard until I get whatever it is written down. If that happens to be something other than the blog... well, maybe I'll have some good material when I'm done.

  6. Don't let Mom see it. :) Nice ride Bro


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