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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In the “I didn’t really need to know that” department…

The Boy, yesterday, told me: “By the way, your Civic can do 140. That’s what it topped out at.”

He may have only been trying to harass me — but whether or not that was downhill with a tailwind, I really didn’t want to know. It would explain why letting him drive it affected the mileage like pouring a gallon of gas on the ground, though.


  1. Look on the bright side. If it is true, the car got a good blowing out.

  2. Isn't his licence suspended? Why would you even let him near your car?

  3. (shudder)

    I'm so glad he got home safely. Maybe he really was just trying to bug you. I didn't think speedometers went up to 140? Does yours really?


  4. FM, yeah, I thought about that too. Blew out the carbon, at least.

    Zat you, Solar? Anyway, he hasn't driven it since he put it in the ditch. He admitted to me, when I was hassling him about how good a driver he's not, that he was doing 108 before he lost it that night.

    Right now, the car's in for a new timing belt (which on these cars, involves removing the water pump, WTF).

  5. Oh hey KB, looks like we posted simultaneously. In that car, the speedo goes (I think) to 160. The car's not where I can look at it right now... but I think I once calculated that redline in 5th gear would be around 150.

    'Course, these are *indicated* speeds. Chances are, 140 indicated is "only" 125 or 130. :-P

  6. Man, that's way too much speed for me! Hide the keys Far ... not sure I'd even let him close to a bike at this point! I don't know how many gray hairs he's given you over the years, but I'd be happy to send you some Just For Men if you really need it! :-)

  7. Hey IVG. Like I said, he hasn't driven it since visiting a ditch (taking out two mailboxes on the way, and stopping two feet short of a utility pole).

    I blame most of the grey hair on Mrs. Fetched, although I'm sure The Boy has his share. I actually have a box of that hair coloring laying around (gag gift at Christmas); I might give it a shot after I get my hair cut.

  8. Zat is me Solar:

    I seriously doubt your car could do much more than 110 and that's on a long stretch of road.

    As far as the timing belt goes, have the water pump done while your at it, you'll be glad you did.

  9. I heard that it actually did 142, but, oh, wait, that wasn't supposed to come out. ;-)

  10. Hey Solar… I'll take your word for it. 110 is faster than I'd want to go on a public road anyway. They're going to do the water pump; I just need to come up with $500 to get it back. Not in any big hurry; I still have the bike(s).

    Boran: LOL!!!

  11. LOL ... yawl or you all in Cdn.

    And ditto on the grey hair FAR -- think I'm getting a few from reading about The Boy's exploits. ;)

  12. Lordy, O, he's giving you grey hair??? Oh well, I'm sure you'll train the macro lens on yourself and give us a really cool look at it. ;-D


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