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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Going dim

I probably won't be online much through the evenings this week. Check my Twitter box from time to time, though; I'll be “tweeting” from my smellphone. If I have a while, I’ll post something out of my phone, and if I get a couple free hours I’ll post the next episode of FAR Future this week.


  1. Will check Twitter - but will miss you! Hope you have a good week. Had rum this evening, in your honor...

  2. Will be looking forward to seeing you back in full force FAR, and checking Twitter.

    Sounds like it might be a hectic week, so slack when possible.

  3. Tweeting and smellphones? Sounds kind of kinky, Far.

  4. Thanks, guys and gal!

    Working at home tomorrow, I'll probably cruise everyone's blogs during breaks.

  5. You sound BUSY, far. Well, we're around--and all over the place--whenever you need a friendly break.


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