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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Too Drunk to Type Straight

I'm going to bed. :-P


  1. I take it the newest batch of beer has come of age? :)

  2. I think it's about as ready as it will get, FM. But last night required a little stronger stuff -- a generous helping of rum.

  3. Wow FAR, I haven't drank rum in decades. Sort of got turned off of it when friends and I used to throw punch parties and 151 rum was the main ingredient.

  4. Rum runners...diet coke and malibu...rum punch. If it ain't tequila, it better be rum! :-)

  5. Runners? Coke and? Punch?


    Pour fraction of bottle contents, up to 100%, into glass. Sip while sitting at the computer. Get up for water, realize the house is tilting.

    FM, Bacardi 151 is the best cough medicine (as in, most effective) that I've ever used!

  6. The only rum I've ever had straight was some I bought in Venezuela...nice stuff. Now tequila, on the other hand....:-)

    I will check out your cough medicine, far - some kind of bug seems to have journeyed from FL north with me - teach me to gloat that I NEVER get sick! Cough cough.

    House is tilting...lol.

  7. Hey Beth - sushi with lots of wasabi will temporarily clear out your sinuses too.

    Rum and sushi. Woo....

  8. Sushi - yum. Wasabi and rum - how about some warm sake? That has to have some healing properties...

    I'm feeling much better - virtually, anyway. :-)

    Did you take your ride?


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