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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Festoovities

Food montageA lot of people were at FAR Manor today, but the food was more than up to the challenge. The only surprise was when Cousin Splat came in, he didn’t get any food — he said he ate at Big V’s, but such minor details usually don’t stop him. This may explain why we also had plenty for supper (and beyond).

OK, everyone sing along: “On the first day after Thanksgiving, my true love served to me: leftover tur-ur-key!"

Both of my teams were playing today, and both got blown out after a promising first quarter. First up was the Lions during and after lunch, then the Falcons after supper. Beth likes watching football, so I had an excuse to actually watch some of the games… but each game got less interesting as they went on. Shooting the breeze was more fun.

While the trees are shedding leaves at a prodigious rate, at least the ones that aren’t brown, the rhododendron bush has been hanging around the free-range insane asylum a little too long: yup, it’s blooming again. Many of my herbs, especially the parsley and mint, are enjoying the cooler weather too. The rosemary is also blooming, and the oregano is staying low and spreading: I expect it and the mint will be locked in a death-match before too much longer (with the parsley refereeing).

The basil that was planted in the ground has mostly survived light frost, and are even shooting out seed pods. I’ve clipped a few of those and put them in a marked bag — maybe I can breed a frost-tolerant basil. If not, I have three large pots inside; twice-daily mistings seem to be helping them acclimate to the dryer air indoors.

Daughter Dearest, zonkedAfter a busy morning of preparing food (and not neglecting the chicken houses), we stuffed ourselves silly at lunch. Naturally, that led to snoozes among the non-football people…

Beth’s heading home tomorrow, for some well-deserved nesting time — she said she’s been at home maybe three days in the entire month (and from reading Beth’s blog, that sounds about right. All of us have enjoyed having her here, and it would be nice if she could stay another day, but that’s how it goes. We’ll meet up with her again when we go to Florida, though.


  1. Hiya FAR.

    Glad everyone had such a good time. Sorry about your teams. I'm still trying to open my eyes through a turkey induced haze, but coffee should help here soon, and I'll start the turkey again.

  2. The photos make me feel like I was there in person. From the great looking food, to the relaxed nap.

    Thank you for sharing your day with us. I'm glad the visit was fun for everyone.

  3. Yep, what katieb said ... looks like you had a fine time and a fine meal ... :)

  4. Hey all!

    FM I'm working through my second cup of coffee now. Beth follows football much more closely than I ever did, so it was cool to get info-tidbits like "Kitna? I remember when he played for Seattle. I thought he retired." She went to bed early in the second half of the Falcons blowout, and we shut off the tube minutes later.

    Beth slept late (by her definition) again, which is probably a good sign — she needed to rest up for the long drive — but I think she’s stirring now.

    KB, Olivia… hey, you know what would be fun? We could have an early/late summer get-together here. If I got all the crud out of the detached garage, it could become a rain shelter for an all-weekend outdoor party. :-) FM delivering his stories in person, O making a permanent photographic record, the writers among us batting ideas around, KB & I planning a healthy menu…

  5. Oh FAR! That sounds like so much fun. But do we REALLY have to eat healthy? (kidding: I'm just kidding)

    If your water crises continues though, this group could put the state over-the-edge if we were all together. Couldn't we?

  6. Glad to see that you had a good time, Far. Our Thanksgiving at my parents' house was pleasant. Tomorrow we head to madame boran's family for what wiil likely be a contentious late Thanksgiving.

  7. Love the pix! It's so fun to put faces to the personalities. Glad y'all enjoyed your holiday down there.

  8. KB… you know, we could have one blowout meal to make us appreciate the healthy stuff better, right? We have rain predicted for tomorrow night, Sunday, and Thursday, so maybe the onset of winter is going to bring us some relief. I hope.

    Boran, your in-laws sound like my in-laws. It helps, a little, to know that squabbling is their form of social interaction — they're not really mad at each other.

    Jen, me too. I hope you had a great holiday, minus broken furniture. :-D

  9. I love the photos! Thanks so much for doing this.

  10. Hi FAR.

    Yeah, that sounds like fun! (Well, everything except the getting there part -- see FM's comments for today's post for why ... lol)

    And we could eat unhealthy for at least one meal b/c I'd have to make you some poutine ... :D


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