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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thankful for…

Safe arrival of friends!
Mrs. Fetched and Beth

Beth arrived a little before 6, while I was dusting the dryer. It’s been almost non-stop chat since then, with a small break as we all went and grabbed a little supper.

And we’re thankful for rain, too: Beth brought some rain with her. The trees have been shedding leaves for the last couple of days; they’ll probably all be gone by this weekend. She’s gone to bed, understandably exhausted after the long drive and fighting a cold. I’m going to bounce around the tubes a little tonight, and type up the next episode of FAR Future (wrote the first draft at lunch, it’s about 75% done).


  1. (smiling) It sounds like a lot of fun. I hope Beth starts recovering from her cold.

    And that we get some Real-Time Thanksgiving Blogging tomorrow! Or at least the next day if you can't fit it in....

  2. Hey KB - I'll Twitter if nothing else!

    Beth says her camera is the same kind as mine, so hopefully we won't get them swapped…

  3. Twitter! I forgot all about that! I'll try to do that too.

    But, I haven't figured out how to display it at E4T.


  4. Is that the infamous Beth, from out once-favorite Bar & Grill?

  5. Hi FAR and Beth.

    Hope ya'll have a great T'giving. I won't be too far from ya'll. We're driving to B'ham to my brother's house for T'giving.


  6. Jeff, did you mean Beth W? She's watching over us from above.

    FM, have a good time in B'ham. We had a house-full here, for sure.

    Boran: although the Lions got whacked, we had a good time.


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