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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just Stuff

The front page says Evil has a New Face, but it looks like the same ol’ evil face I’ve seen for years. However, the breakout game is quite entertaining — try it out and you’ll see why I say so. (No, I’m not one of the high scores. Yet.)

I woke up at 5:30 this morning, and ten minutes later realized I wasn’t getting back to sleep. I actually got to work on time for a change, and (even more amazing) left on time. I’m not much motivated to do much of anything today, besides play a silly breakout game, probably because of the early wake-up. Yahoo’s “Odd News” roundup for today was just packed with items that support my theory that reality is stranger than fiction. Some stuff you just can’t make up and be believable.

Stopping at the Burger King for a veggie burger combo on the way to choir practice, they bobbled my order and I was left standing for a while. Fortunately, I wasn’t in a hurry — I was busy cogitating on a holiday story I’ve been wanting to write for a couple of years — and I got a free pie and upsized onion rings out of it.

And now I’m going to flop into bed, if Mrs. Fetched doesn’t rope me into her slideshow roundup for her Granny’s 95th birthday party this weekend…


  1. Morning FAR.

    Ain't waking up early great! OK maybe not, but...... well maybe there's nothing good about it. :)

    Congrats to Granny on her 95th Bday!

  2. Good morning FAR & FM. I agree, waking up too early can throw your whole day off. But it sounds like it worked out OK this time all in all.

    Wow! 95 years old! That's wonderful.

  3. As long as Granny has something to do, she'll outlive us all. I'm pretty sure we'll be doing an even bigger party in 5 years.

    FM, I definitely agree. Nothing good about it.

    KB, I'm still not terribly motivated this morning. Maybe better than yesterday, but I found it harder to get to sleep than I thought it would be.

  4. Wow, 95 years old! You gotta give our best wishes to Granny.

  5. I'll do that, Boran, for sure. She'll just give me a funny look when I say "all my Internet buddies" but I'm sure she'll appreciate it.


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