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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Daughter Dearest Graduates [UPDATED, new text & photo]

DDiplomaIt’s been a long day (long week is more like it). Graduating class sizes are rapidly overrunning the facilities they have to put on graduation, so they’re trying different things. Some of them work less well than others.

For example, they had the ceremony outdoors. It’s still a little cool for late May, but “a little cool for late May” on Planet Georgia means 80 degrees and lots of sunlight (I took my little niece on her first motorcycle ride, and it was warm enough to ride without needing a jacket). Many of the grads were suffering from sunburn acquired earlier in the week during rehearsal. The sun was over the kids, so those of us in the stands got the brunt of it. Dad & I wore hats and thus did pretty well, but a lot of people were leaving as soon as their kids got their diploma… and some of them didn’t last that long. Mrs. Fetched and I were doing video from the stands, avoiding lens flare and dealing with a supercilious pair of geezers who are misrepresenting themselves as being “hired by the school” to do video. We’re getting everyone who usually wants video from us and then some, though.

The funny part was at the beginning, where the principal asked the audience to refrain from making excessive noises when their grad’s name was called. “This is a solemn occasion that deserves dignity.” Riiiiiiiiight. This is Planet Georgia: people are going to cheer for their kids because they know a lot of people (perhaps themselves) who didn’t get this far. A couple of the kids let their joy show through, in a couple mild displays of exuberance… only natural and none of them over the top.

DD's portraitThe fun began after we got home — I fired up the grill and started in on the burgers & brats, the ladies had the side dishes prepared, and everyone went NOM NOM NOM. Other Brother brought some real beer (Hoegaarten), which tasted much better than the Bud Light I swiped from The Boy (who shouldn’t be buying beer anyway). DD’s friend Sasquatch also graduated and he (and his family) came to celebrate with us. Another graduate is a friend of The Boy’s, who also happens to be like a third cousin on his mom’s side; he came by but had left his cap & gown at home so I didn’t get a chance to get a pic of him.

All my family is heading home early tomorrow afternoon, and I get Monday to recover (maybe).


  1. CONGRATULATIONS DD!!! One hurdle passed, and on to more interesting ones, I hope!

    Hope you all had a great time at the party as well ... those are the kinds of events I actually enjoy. We were going to have a work friend over and grill pork tenderloin roasts tomorrow, but looks like stormy weather is headed our way Sunday. Oh well, we'll just use the oven if it doesn't work out.

    I bet you're glad all the prep and work is almost done now ... time for a beer and a nice long nap.

  2. Congratulations, Far! That must be at once exciting and a relief. What, no biscuits at the party? ;-)

  3. Hey all!

    Yup, everyone had a pretty good time at the party. Hope yours went well too, IVG. It just now started sprinkling here, but there's an 80% chance of rain tomorrow & Wednesday.

    Boran, I made cinnamon rolls this morning. Does that count?

    Off to add a portrait and a couple other anecdotes…


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