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Friday, May 09, 2008

One (or two) for the Road

A couple of cellphone shots to wrap up the week…

Besides the huckleberries, we have some higher blueberry bushes growing wild on the place. They run a couple weeks behind the huckleberries, for whatever reason. Last year, I was waiting for them to get ripe and then they… disappeared. I guess the birds were waiting too, and they got there first. I was bummed out, but hopeful that we’ll get some of them this year. Maybe I’ll get some cheese cloth or hang some tinfoil around the area to keep them out.

On the way home from work, I took a ride out a back road that I knew dead-ended at a river. I just wondered how far it went and what was out there. Looks like it might have been a bridge at one time.

Well, that’s the end of the road for the flower pix, at least for now. FAR Future episodes will be posted at least on the next two Mondays, and I should be able to make it three. I hope things will continue to work out that way.


  1. If you can get some kind of netting to drape over the blueberries, it will help against the birds, a lot. The cheesecloth sounds like it might work too (haven't tried the tinfoil). I speak from some experience with blueberries bushes... ;) Watch out for the blue poop around... It's a telltale sign... :)

  2. As for blueberries and birds... we've had a bush in for about 4 yrs now and after being devoured to the ground by rabbits, we resorted to putting a large tomato cage around it and covering that with plastic netting. Damn birds still find a way to get in when the few berries that appear get ripe ... maybe this year we'll get something since it appears to be doing better!

    Love your high tech installation of the milk crate on the bike. I used to use that advanced technology on mine back in the days I lived in FL (but mine was the pedalityourself kind!)

  3. Put a picture of Dick Cheney out there. That will scare off anything.

  4. Hey Sherm, good to hear someone has had some success there. I wonder how farms with acres & acres of blueberries deal with it? Maybe there's so many that the birds get tired of them and leave the rest for the farm?

    IVG, the dogs deal with most ground-based critters. Not that I've seen a plump menace corpse, but they might just run off & not come back.

    Milk crates make an excellent bike box: the holes reduce wind load, and provide plenty of bungee points!

    Boran, that's a thought — but wouldn't that make the fruit go sour too?


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