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Friday, May 16, 2008

Daughter Dearest, LOLhooman

She’s such a good sport, letting me post this:

I haz a bizkit/OM NOM NOM

If you're reading this, she has finished her last day of school! Graduation is next weekend.


  1. Ah, the last day of school and the calm, lazy period before the storm, hehe! Seriously, many congrats to DD and hope she has a fun graduation, since ole Dad is working himself into a frenzy to put it together...

    OT, what about an update on the Snippet situation? Those telenovelas haven't been cutting it, this week, lol.

  2. Congratulations on her graduation! She is a sport for those photos.

  3. Hey all!

    Yesterday was also TFM’s third birthday, but some things are more important. I dedicated Weekend Cinema to the manor instead.

    IVG, Snippet no queda in mi casa. (So much for telenovela, huh?)

    Boran, thanks. The family's coming in next weekend for the festoovities.

  4. FAR, Claro, así todo está bien ahora ... muy bien!


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