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Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend Cinema

The Committee Of One enjoyed the Memorial Day weekend, and hopes that everyone found sufficient time and money to visit your local theater. But $8 for a ticket? That's like two gallons of gas! If you live a ways from the theater, you might as well sit back and watch a quick flick here on Weekend Cinema.

Speaking of gas prices, tonight’s selection takes a poke at what they’re doing to the economy at large, depicting the job market of the near future. So huddle together, wait for the boss to come by, and see who gets The Job.

[Note: This was going around in email for a while, with the credits and some of the beginning/ending cut off. This is the full version, as the producer intended. Whoever does these hack jobs… cut it out. Or stop cutting it out.]

1 comment:

  1. That's a cautionary, scary little film. But such a clever little premise of the 'day job' call ... "must speak Java!" ... wow. And thx for passing along, FAR.

    Our main 'highbrow' viewing this weekend was Knocked Up, which was actually really funny and intelligent. Cross a romantic comedy with teenage sex stoner comedy and you have some magic going on there. After The 40 Year Old Virgin and this one, I like that Judd Apatow guy. And Steve Carell had a wonderful cameo in this one ... worth a look if you're looking for pleasant yuks.


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